The Reconnection

Miracle on Melrose Place

“I had experienced a happiness I never knew was possible.”

I met Dr. Pearl on October 3, 1994, a day that forever changed my life.

I was born with a birth defect. Upon entering the world, the doctor cut my umbilical cord too early. I didn’t breathe for a period of time, my skin turned purple and the doctors panicked. As a result of this trauma, a portion of my brain stopped functioning and the right side of my body from my waist down did not develop correctly. My right leg was several inches shorter than my left; as well, my right hip was much higher in placement. Due to my deformity, I walked with an exaggerated limp, my right hip swinging outward with each step. Also, because of the difference in the lengths of my legs, I could not stand up straight. For balance, my right foot turned inward and rested on my left so that my two legs acted as one large leg to balance the weight of my upper body. To keep from falling, my back would hunch forward as if I were about to dive into a pool. This condition resulted in many back problems both as a child and young adult.