5 Things I’ve Learned After Being Reconnected

When I first received my Reconnection, I didn’t feel that much. Because I’m somewhat of a mystic and I was eager to see what Reconnective Frequencies felt like, I anticipated having a crazy experience during my sessions, and was hoping for something big to happen. I lay down on the table. I closed my eyes. I drifted off for a bit, thinking about what was going on. But honestly I didn’t really experience much. I was in such a place of expectation that it limited me from being able to experience anything other than my normal basic human self. I did feel as though I was underwater, as if energy was moving around me… but I guess I expected more, to be honest. Shortly after my Reconnection, I also received several Reconnective Healing sessions with a similar result.

But boy, at that time I definitely didn’t have any idea of what was ahead of me.

A few days after my experience receiving my Reconnection and Reconnective Healing sessions, I had an experience that was unusual. I went to bed one night and drifted away, like normal. When I let go and went into my most natural state while asleep, I was able to release any expectations, and began to consciously receive my transformation. That night I had a “dream” that changed my life. I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that I got from this dream, ever since.

In this dream I was in a room. It was naturally lit, with all white marble floors and walls, a gorgeously exquisite thing to witness. The far wall was entirely a window. Bright skies and rolling green hills stretched beyond. The room was completely empty and the white marble glistened and gleaned. The only object in the entire room was, in the center of the room, a giant golden harp. I walked over, and began playing. The music was divine. I will never forget the sound.

Now, this might seem like some crazy fantasy dream, but the thing that I haven’t been able to shake was the feeling that I got from that moment in my dream.

This feeling was an experience that was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, at least in this lifetime with my limited current human understanding. It was the most intense peace and harmony I could ever imagine. It was as if I were lighter, and not in a human body, as if I were in another realm that I cannot even put into words because it doesn’t feel like something you can witness in this dimensional reality. The best way I can describe it to you is with a human emotion. Eternal bliss.

I’ve had a LOT more happen since, as my Life Progress journey has been a winding road with many synchronicities and exciting changes, ultimately leading me to my purpose and my passion (more to come in future blogs!). But there are some things that I want to share about experience, and my newfound awareness, that I think can help paint a picture of what Reconnective Healing might be like for you who have never experienced it and are curious.

  1. Reconnective Healing is something that you truly have to experience for yourself. It transcends the limitations of our current human perceptions.

What I’m trying to say here is that when you experience Reconnective Healing, even if the effects are not immediately recognizable… it’s like experiencing something that you’ve never imagined before. It’s as if our retinas sprouted a new type of rod or cone system, and we could suddenly see a new color for the first time. It’s a perception that is not limited by our eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It truly has to be experienced to be witnessed. And once you witness it, you learn to continue to witness it if you choose.

  1. Reconnective Healing takes place outside of space or time, in what I believe to be another dimension.

In this dream-like experience, I felt I gained access to another place that people aren’t usually able to perceive. It felt as if I were not in my body, and if I were in a place of eternal bliss where we are not confined by physical limitations. I find it curious that people who have Near Death Experiences say that Reconnective Healing is the closest thing that they have felt to “the other side.” It is truly a spiritual experience and I feel lucky that I was granted access into what I believe to be that space, even if it was only in a dream state. And I can confidently say that Reconnective Healing allows you to access this feeling, this awareness, in a multidimensional reality whenever you choose.

  1. We are moving into a time of our evolution where feeling is of the utmost importance.

In the book Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life and other popular new age materials such as Abraham Hicks, it is discussed that we are moving into an era where we are more aware of our vibration, and that we are vibrationally based beings. We become aware of our vibration through our feelings. As we become conscious, we become more aware of our sense of feeling and thus aware of our vibration. When you are in a state of bliss, joy, happiness, and love… you are at the highest vibration that you can embody. When you’re in this high vibration, everything flows to you naturally, life is simple and easy. There is a knowingness that is with you at all times. To me, my Reconnecting was a gateway, a portal, to this vibrational harmony and coherence that I can barely put into words to describe to you. And ever since I experienced this feeling, I find it easier and easier to embody this feeling consciously every day. I am happier, I am lighter, I am bliss.

  1. After you’ve experienced Reconnective Healing you begin to feel with a new part of yourself.

I have a higher perception than I did before. I can feel things, people and events, around me deeply. I’m much more sensitive, but not in a bad way… in a really good way. I can spot vibrational variance easily. Some might call this a heightened psychic awareness. It’s because after you have recognized the vibrational harmony within yourself, from being Reconnected, it’s easier to spot the variances around you. And you don’t judge them, you just observe. After my Reconnection I went on to take the Online Level I Learning Experience course and the Live Level II Training Program. In these Dr. Pearl teaches us how to feel the frequencies ourselves in the field around us with our own hands. We are using this feeling, this awareness, to then work with our current human perception, and we learn to feel in our hands and with our eyes. We are taught to feel and tangibly experience these frequencies. But it’s more than just listening for the physical sensations. It’s a vibrational experience that goes beyond what I can describe in text, and a knowingness that what you are experiencing is real. I truly believe that everyone has these “psychic” or “extrasensory” abilities, and Reconnective Healing is, in a sense, a shortcut to turning these on in the most natural, quickest way possible.

  1. I believe that the key to accessing a new multidimensional reality is through our feeling. And right now on Earth, humanity as whole is evolving and is transitioning into accessing this new multidimensional experience more easily.

The more that I think about it and continue to witness in my life, I cannot help but realize that our feelings are extremely important. They are a gateway into experiencing other realities. And the gift that Earth brings is that we get to experience the contrast of both bliss, and of pain and sorrow. Of both harmony and chaos. And we now get to choose what we experience more of. I find that whenever I am radiating this awareness, these frequencies, and this joy, my days go smoothly. I am in peace. The only time that I experience dis-order is when I cut myself off from this natural state, by allowing my ego to take over and move into fear. Now I’m not saying the contrasting experiences are bad, and that we need to try to be positive 24/7. I believe that these contrasting periods are extremely important and necessary because we learn and grow the most from them! But we are moving into harmony more consistently, and for the time that we spend feeling “off” we get to experience double the bliss. And this isn’t just shifting for me personally. It is my belief that right now the world is being forced into disarray, until we ALL come into our own coherence, a collective harmony. Time is speeding up, and everything is manifesting more quickly now. There are doors being opened for those who want to get to the harmony faster. I believe that as a species we are all moving to this place that I got to FEEL in my dream, this place of oneness and coherence. And in this inter-dimensional transition, Reconnective Healing is the short-cut to being able to make the transition faster.

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By Ashley Lomelino
Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner 

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