A Doctor’s Energy Healing Journey

One man’s surprising transition from doctor to Professional Reconnective Healing practitioner.

After 20 years practicing Medicine as a family doctor (in Madrid, in Collado-Villalba, in Carrowbawn – a rural village in the West of Ireland – and in Holywood – very close to Belfast), and, even working with the best holistic medical system that I know, Anthroposophical Medicine, while the health and satisfaction of my patients were constantly increasing, my own was deteriorating more and more.

In 2003 a good day, after some beautiful, intense and deep consultations (rarely one of my consultations lasted less than an hour), I took my blood pressure and was in 25/17. And that under treatment, my own and that of the doctor of the Irish National Health Service that included 4 different allopathic drugs not without side effects. Then I made the decision to take a break and resume my youthful passion for skiing, traveling to Canada and enrolling in training courses as a professional ski instructor for almost five months.

In large part, the pressure that manifested itself in my high blood pressure was due to my sense of responsibility for the health of my patients. Traditionally, doctors are responsible for the health of patients, both for them and for ourselves. And my body said: enough! I heard. I had no intention of becoming a martyr in the medical profession anymore. When I came back from Canada I made a shy attempt to return to normal practice but soon I realized that it would not be possible, if I wanted to recover my health.

I thought about practicing part-time, and after moving the whole family to Andorra to start exercising happily my new profession as a ski instructor (my family understood my situation and supported me in the great change despite being perfectly integrated socially and in all the other aspects in Ireland – wonderful country in its landscapes and its people but without snow), I continued some time traveling regularly back to Ireland and practicing medicine in the places where I had my offices. On one of those trips, with my health improved but still with problems, a shaman offered to help me.

He revealed to me the existence of a prenatal “contract” between my maternal great-grandfather (medical epidemiologist, professor at the University of Manila in Philippines in 19th century) and the one who writes for you. When he died, he felt that his task was not finished and apparently I offered myself to help. According to the shaman, the “contract” had already been fulfilled and I was free to continue on my way. Despite the strangeness of the story, I immediately felt the certainty of its truthfulness and canceled the rest of my busy work schedule. Then the shaman told me a few more words that I did not fully understand at the time:

But this does not end here, one day it will come in which you will return to the health of the people, and you will do it with something new, with something that it has to do with vibration and resonance, something that will take on epic proportions.

December 2010, about seven years after the closure of my medical practice in Ireland, a dissecting aortic aneurysm occurs abruptly while I train on the ski slopes as I do each day before starting the lessons. Helicopter to Barcelona, ​​with little chance of survival. Emergency surgery: thoracotomy, 8 hours of operating room, 20 minutes with the heart stopped. Upon awakening, my brother’s question “have you seen the tunnel, have you seen the light?” Helps me remember: Presence of infinite love, immense wisdom, total understanding towards me and towards each and every human being. Complete knowledge of the perfect functioning of the universe in its smallest details. I realize that the world does not need to be saved. Everything is fine. We are in the best hands. I recover almost completely and after a few months I can go back to skiing.

Three years later, a suggestion from YouTube: the documentary “The Living Matrix” comes to my eyes and ears. There the Greek boy Dimitri heals his cerebral palsy after his first encounter with Dr. Eric Pearl. My inner ears rise immediately. I investigate (contemporary synonym of searching the internet) and find more videos, my interest grows. I buy Eric Pearl’s book, “The Reconnection. Heal Others, Heal Yourself.” My hands wake up, vibrate, tickle. I try playing with a co-worker: the first healing.

I want to learn more and solve my doubts. Maybe start a new professional adventure? I read about the training courses in Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®. Right now I could pay it. I make my Reconnection in Barcelona (requirement to learn how to do it professionally and certainty that nobody could separate me from). Training programs of the three levels accessible to me in London, November 2013.

The evidence of the power of the frequencies of Reconnective Healing in me, in the other participants, in the atmosphere that permeates all the work, in the brilliant lectures from Eric, resolves little by little the intellectual doubts that overwhelmed me (like anybody who has received a university academic education for ten years). The personal experience while others practice on me lying on the massage table is evident and indisputable: anyone can learn it.

Return to Andorra and immediately start the legal and administrative procedures to professionally practice Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. I communicate to my former patients in Spain and Ireland my discovery and new occupation, I open my legally established practice in Andorra and start work, in Andorra, in Villalba and in Ireland (and also in Nantes where my brother ophthalmologist encourages me to work with some of his patients). Oh, wonder! I can help others again with their health and with their life, but this time my health improves with each work session. I can feel it and soon it is confirmed in my scanners and with my cardiologist.

Reconnective Healing  Foundational Practitioner, Certified to practice the Reconnection, and Mentor. It is now my second profession (or is it the first one?) along with that of ski professional.

Each session is an honor and a pleasure. The client (after 20 years of medical practice it has taken me time to stop calling them patients, but I have succeeded) lie down dressed on the massage table, eyes closed, relaxes, and the dance begins: I put my attention in the quantum field (the zero point field), in the client and in my hands or any other part of my body that is activated at work, and I play with the mechanism of triple feedback that occurs: sensations in my hands, “registers” in the client (small – and sometimes not so small – involuntary movements that appear during the session in any muscle of the client, sometimes in places where he had already forgotten that there are muscles), feeling of leaving space-time, perceptions that after each session the client may decide to share, everything is unified and differs in a wonderful dance that leaves me full of vitality and energy after each session.

Clients report physical, mental, and spiritual healings, new energies and new clarity in their life path, doors that open, relationships that begin or become clear, professional paths and finances that are consolidated, emotional stability, improved libido, and a constant flow of gratitude and renewed confidence in existence.

Practicing and helping to spread this work has become part of my life. The frequencies of Reconnective Healing® are more and more familiar to me, I begin to understand Eric when he says that he breathes, eats and drinks the frequencies. And now I remember that phrase of the shaman: “but this does not end here, one day it will come in which you will return to the health of the people, and you will do it with something new, with something that has to do with vibration and resonance, something that will take on epic proportions.”




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By Miguel Fraguas Poole, MD
Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner 

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