We Can Talk About Change

We often talk about change, how things have to change, how the world needs to be a better place, how we need to be better people. We focus so hard on what goes on around us that we often cannot see that the change needs to start inside each of us: the change that we allow ourselves within becomes the change that needs to happen without.

L  I  G  H  T

Be the Light

Taking that leap into effecting our personal change involves reframing our perception, accepting some challenges… and our concept of darkness may be one we carry deep within, embuing our thoughts and feelings with fear. But is it even real?


Be the Healing

When we stop to consider all the possibilities of what healing is, of what it means, and what a healer looks like, and who can be or receive a healing, it often takes us into an uncomfortable line of self-questioning. Am I worthy enough to heal? Am I worthy enough to be a healer? The answer is so simple…

L  O  V  E

Be the Love

Change might be a common trigger for fear in our lives, but it is probably one of many. All our choices are based on our experience- on our perception of our experiences-, and more likely than not, influenced by fears we might not even be aware of. These fears can end up dictating our words and actions. We always have a choice on how to make our decisions – from fear or from love. Which would you choose?