FAQ’s for Foundational Practitioners

FAQ's for Level II Foundational Practitioners

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Will my ability to bring through these frequencies increase over time?
Many people report “jumps” or “shifts” in the amount and strength of these frequencies that come through them. Moreover, it seems that as more people do this work worldwide, the strength of the frequencies increases as well. The more you continue to get out of the way and focus on being childlike, the easier it is to bring these frequencies forward.
I seem to feel as if energy is pulsing through me. Is this common for people who have recently been introduced to the Reconnective Healing Frequencies?
Many people report feeling surges of energy and other sensations as they adapt to carrying these new frequencies of healing. These types of shifts usually occur during or just after attending one of the Reconnective Healing Training Programs. It is also reported that they sometimes occur to some degree merely from reading Eric’s book. Each person receives the frequencies differently. For some, old injuries “suddenly” heal, or they find themselves gaining a greater clarity and understanding of their life path. Other’s say they feel an increasing amount of grounding and peace. Most report that these sensations evolve from jolts and surges into a more continuous state of ever-increasing expansion as your body and being shifts to accommodate the frequencies.
Do I need to ask permission of someone before I facilitate a healing?
Offering a healing is like offering a prayer. This offering can and will be accepted by the universe only if it is appropriate for that person on their life path. Try as you may, you can’t inflict a healing on anyone. The part of the person that does the “accepting” is not the earthbound, personality-driven part that lives in the world of the basic five senses. It’s the higher self that determines the appropriateness of such things and makes such decisions for us. At that level, the healing is offered and if appropriate, is accepted.
During the Training Program I attended Dr. Pearl said it’s not WHAT you feel, it’s THAT you feel, referring to a feeling in the hands. I don’t feel anything in my hands when I work, but I always hear a certain tone in my ear that lasts through the entire session. Can I use that to know that I’ve connected? If not, what do I do?
Most people, after being trained by Eric, can readily feel these frequencies in their hands. As you become more accustomed to these frequencies, you may start to feel them in other parts of your body. The tone you are hearing is a vibration of these frequencies. The tonal part is catching your attention more than the vibration it is expressing through, so yes, the tone is what you are “feeling”.
One of my clients fell asleep during their session? Is that okay?
A client may lose some of the experiential aspect of the session if they fall asleep, but that in no way affects the healing received. It is perfectly fine to sleep during part or all of a session if that is what happens naturally, but you might want to advise your clients to not enter the session with the intention of sleeping through it, as the experiential aspect is of great value and many will recall it for the rest of their lives. Also, remember that a person who may appear to be asleep, may indeed be having a very different experience than what is being observed!
How do I know when the session is “finished?”
Furniture is “finished.” Healings are a continuous process, not an endpoint. They are a journey that is not time-dependent. Choose a session length you feel comfortable working with and trust and know that the person will receive what they are meant to receive in that time. Allow all of your sessions to be the same length of time. We generally recommend 30 minute Reconnective Healing sessions.
One of my patients/clients appeared to be uncomfortable while he was lying on the table. Should I have interrupted his session?
What looks painful or uncomfortable to you may not be painful or uncomfortable to your client. In fact, many clients are not aware of their actions during a session. Trust in the safety and evolution of the process and let the session proceed as it will. If you feel you must check in with the person during a session, you might want to touch them gently on the shoulder, and ask “yes” or “no” questions, so they have the option to simply nod. Ask if they’re okay. Wait for their response. Then ask if they want you to stop the session. Most likely they will let you know they are fine. Please honor their decision.
My client is feeling physically worse after his healing session/Reconnection and isn’t happy about it. Eric said there are no known adverse effects of Reconnective Healing or The Reconnection. What happened?
There are no adverse effects of Reconnective Healing or The Reconnection. It’s healing with the intelligence of the universe and therefore only what is appropriate for that person on their life course will be received. Some people buy into the no pain/no gain concept, or have beliefs, conscious or otherwise, that they must “process” or feel worse before they get better. In the rare situation where someone feels worse after a session, it’s best to simply let the person know that they do not need to go through this as the Reconnective Healing frequencies allow for healing by grace. This tends to allow them to let go of putting themselves through this. If it occurs more than just on the rarest occasion, you as a practitioner must look to yourself because somewhere along the way you have bought into the no pain/no gain syndrome and are, on one or more levels, communicating this belief to the person who comes to see you.
My client didn’t demonstrate registers during their session. What did I do wrong? Do some people demonstrate larger registers than others? Do some people not demonstrate registers at all?
Everyone’s responses to these frequencies are unique and specific to the individual. Some people demonstrate larger or more frequent registers while others have much slighter or infrequent registers. Others’ registers may actually be occurring on a physiological level yet not on a level that you can see, or not in an area that you know to look for. Registers are somewhat like a thermometer, in that they help as a gauge or indicator that “something” is occurring. That level of communication is just as possible with small registers as it is with larger ones. The intensity of a person’s registers may also change over time. Many times what a person experiences in a session may have little or nothing to do with the strength of registers you observe. And sometimes you may see no registers at all.  
What is it that I’m feeling when I’m doing this?
In a sense, and not really wanting to use such a “woo-woo” sounding word, it’s an attunement. And once we begin to understand concepts of vibration and entrainment, we see that attunement is a perfectly appropriate term. Think about it in terms of the effects of this attunement. Say you were born color blind, unable to distinguish blue from red from yellow. Then something happens to your eyes, and the color-receptive cells kick in. Can you imagine? Suddenly a whole new realm of perception comes to life for you. In Reconnective Healing, a similar event occurs. As you attune, coming into harmony with these new frequencies, you begin to feel changes inside your own body. The vibrations register within you and become part of you. Being able to recognize these sensations is an important aspect of learning to work with the frequencies, just as being able to see colors is helpful to a painter. Please remember that it is not a requirement. Although the feedback imparted through this ability is of great benefit to the honing of your skills, there are blind painters and deaf musicians. Feedback systems will develop for you in their own way, out of a place of peace and stillness. The entrainment, the alignment of forces and fields, the communication of light and information, will come about and will most likely find a way to make itself known to you.
Why do I feel the frequencies differently/more intensely in one part of my body than another?
Sometimes during the initial adjustment and early work with these frequencies, our bodies sense the energies more strongly on one side than the other. Over time, the differences tend to balance out within the body.
What are recommended guidelines for healing sessions?
  • Length of session: generally 30 minutes of “table time”
  • No more than one session on a given day
  • Timing/number of days between sessions: normally on consecutive days, alternating days or as closely spaced as possible. Alternately you may choose to schedule one session weekly, for three sessions, allowing the healing to unfold
  • Do not use “music”. You may use “white noise” to help block out outside noise
  • Do not use perfumes, scents, or oils. This includes aromatherapy
  • Briefing the patient: be sure the client knows what to expect BEFORE coming for a session. Make sure that the person knows your fee and that you cannot guarantee results
  • Debriefing the patient: let your client share their experience without leading their responses through your questioning or body language
  • Reconnective Healing session fees vary by practitioner. The fees usually range from 75 – 150 USD or EU. Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance, and therefore, an optimal state of health and evolution
  • The Reconnection fee is 333 USD, or EU or the equivalent. The Reconnection is an accelerated exchange of the Energy, Light & Information® found in the Reconnective Healing frequencies. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, facilitated in a two-session process, that ties us back into a timeless system of intelligence. Please contact our main office at +1.323.960.0012 for the fee equivalent in various countries

Other standards for best results:

  • Keep yourself detached from the results. If you cannot do this, for example, when working with family or a close friend, refer them to a different practitioner
  • Do not mix healing modalities with Reconnective Healing
  • Put your ego aside and let God, Love and the Intelligence of the Universe orchestrate
  • Do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe in any way
  • Do not make house calls unless it is a true hardship for the person to get to you

For more detailed guidelines, please see The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself by Dr. Eric Pearl, Chapter 21.

How will I know this attunement has taken place for me? What can I do so that my body becomes aware of the new vibrations and is able to act as a conduit for them?
You’re already in the process of these changes. They are occurring in you right now. For many, it’s an a priori conclusion that this process of attunement is encoding and unfolding in you even as you read this Q&A. For others, you most likely are—or are about to be—discovering it. There are three main “styles” by which people make this attunement, this shift to accommodate the new frequencies:

  • You may notice changes in yourself almost from the beginning—new sensations of warmth, a strange feeling in your head or hands when you first hear about The Reconnection, or see the book in a store
  • Your process may begin after you pick up the book and hold it, or open it and start reading. You may begin to notice things happening as you read the book—or these FAQ’s. Immersed in the material, your sensations become more and more apparent
  • A few of you may not feel anything until a little later on—three days, three weeks, maybe longer
Please tell me about the Mentor Entry Qualification Program.
We have developed a Mentor Entry Qualification Program designed to assist new practitioners in the understanding of the philosophy and their development and mastery of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. This is an advanced course designed to coach practitioners to higher levels of performance and ease with the work. Practitioners are also trained in skills necessary to become Teaching Assistants, and are provided with information on how to mentor others. Go to the “Instructor Training Programs” area of our website to find more information on becoming a Practitioner Mentor. To find out more about the application process and course prerequisites, email Pat Atanas at Pat@TheReconnection.com
How can I become a Teaching Assistant (TA)?
Basic Requirements:

  • Attend the Mentor Entry Qualification Program
  • Facilitate at least 9 Reconnective Healing sessions and at least 9 Reconnections
  • Demonstrate mastery of the work
  • Be able to comprehensively communicate full understanding of the philosophy of Reconnective Healing
  • Ability to present and instruct others in group situations

You can qualify for TA eligibility through satisfactorily graduating from the (MEQ) Mentor Entry Qualification Program, which is offered several times during the year.