Can anyone learn to do this?

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Anyone can learn how to do this work. We have not yet had someone attend a training program that couldn’t learn how to access these new frequencies of Energy, Light & Information®. The question is if they are willing to transcend the traditional energy healing techniques and rituals that come from fear, lack and limitation and facilitate a healing that comes from love, light and abundance.

We also have thousands of medical professionals around the world, including doctors, nurses and physical therapists, that have attended our training programs and now incorporate Reconnective Healing into their private and hospital practices. Many report that Reconnective Healing gives added benefit to their patients and gives them an alternative option or a powerful adjunct to surgeries and prescription medicines.

But again, every single person, no matter what his or her professional or family background, religion, or previous experience in healing, can learn how to do this work and facilitate healings for others, their families and themselves… even if – and, sometimes, especially if – they have no background in healing whatsoever!

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