What makes a “good” practitioner? Are some practitioners more effective than others?

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Everyone at our training programs appears to be able to access this work to the same level. Our work throughout the weekend is to impart the artistry and sensitivity needed for attendees to cultivate these frequencies to their highest potential. We think, though, that if anything sets one practitioner apart from another it is the ability to keep their ego out of the equation. This work is clearly not about directing energy to specific areas or diagnosing in any way. In fact, some of the largest healings we have seen over the years have been in cases where we knew nothing at all about what our client was contending with. By getting out of the way we are able to allow the healing to come through that the universe intended.

It is also important that practitioners understand that Reconnective Healing and the Personal Reconnection are most effective when offered independently of energy healing techniques and modalities. In other words, practitioners who offer this work with integrity will witness all the beneficial aspects of other previously known forms of “energy healing” coming through automatically and naturally during the Reconnective Healing session without having to “do” or even to have learned these healing techniques because the Reconnective Healing spectrum embodies these.

Please realize that, just as with medicine, your Reconnective Healing practitioner is not able to make any specific promises or guarantees regarding what the results of a healing will be. Three people can come in with seemingly the same set of symptoms and the same diagnosis and receive three different sets of results. It’s the person, not the situation that responds, so track records for specific problems are relatively meaningless as indicators of probable outcome.

The person you interact with isn’t directing the healing. The healing is directed by God/Love/Universe — choose the word you’re happiest with. The person you select is facilitating merely by being present, is participating merely by feeling, observing and listening. In Reconnective Healing, specializing isn’t applicable as it isn’t the disease that heals, it’s the person… and the healing depends upon what’s appropriate for that person in keeping with their specific life path, which may or may not correspond with their conscious desires. So my suggestion is to select a person with whom you resonate based on who they are, not their track record or testimonials. And select a practitioner who owns the work sufficiently to have transcended and released energy healing techniques and external healing paraphernalia and accouterments.


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