Have You Outgrown These Seven Healing “Must-Haves”?

We are multidimensional beings, and our consciousness is expanding quickly. Perspectives that might have worked for us even a few years ago are now becoming outdated as we truly step into our power and our infinite selves. When it comes to healing, where we once needed steps, procedures, rituals, and techniques, we now see that these concepts are no longer required, nor are they necessarily even beneficial as we progress and evolve!

I wrote this article hoping to get you to think outside of the box and laugh a little. I hope that when you’re finished reading, you can see yourself through the perspective of having unlimited potential. I hope you enjoy.

  1. Meditate three times a day… do NOT forget!!!

Although meditation is great, and I practice and enjoy it daily myself, you don’t need to practice it in order to be a healer. Healing is more about your awareness than your lifestyle. If you miss a day of meditating, that doesn’t make you any less capable of being your best self, and it doesn’t make your healing abilities any less. And the same goes for if you don’t practice meditation at all. Remember you are already enough. You don’t need to do anything in order to be your best, you simply need to be yourself.

  1. Make sure you set an intention before every single action you take.

Although intention may be useful to our awareness in that, as vibrational beings, we get to create through our vibration, sometimes being too rigid about a particular outcome actually closes us off to another path that might have been even better for us. When we become highly specific about something unfolding in certain way, we may actually interfere with the flow of the universe in taking the optimal path. Rather than having rigid intentions, you can let go and trust in the universe, as it is already working on the most beautiful life for you, in the perfect package that you deserve. And you really want to be open to whatever form that might take. This doesn’t mean don’t have goals for yourself. I set goals for myself all the time! But I’ve found that being open and simply knowing that the best will always come… well, that seems to work for me so that I can meet or exceed those goals.

  1. You can never eat meat, EVER. In fact, make sure your diet is gluten free, vegan, and all high vibe plant based.

I’m definitely not bashing eating healthy here, but you do not have to be on a plant-based diet to be spiritual or a healer, or even healthy. Remember: Two nutritionists, three opinions! I find I feel the best when I eat what I consider to be healthy foods, but I definitely don’t disallow myself to splurge on my favorite junk foods every once in a while.

  1. Buy a crystal for every single chakra. Especially the crown chakra!

Crystals are fun, don’t get me wrong. I like to think that crystals remind us of the power that is already within us, and I wear crystal jewelry often myself. However, if we are constantly giving our power away to an external object, we are actually telling the universe that we are less than enough. Remember that you don’t need any tool other than your own awareness to make you a healing facilitator, whether for yourself or for others as well. When you stand in love unconditionally, there is no object that can stand in place of that for you or do a better job than you can do on your own!

  1. Shield yourself from negative energy whenever you encounter another person. Be careful!

We might observe certain energy to be “bad” or “negative,” but that energy can only affect us to the extent that we allow it to do so. It is our choice as to how energy affects us. When you realize that you have all of the power of the universe within you, you also realize that there are no “bad vibes” that can really affect you. We are infinite beings with access to infinite intelligence, energy and resources. No one can take away from us.

  1. Always ask your angels if what you are doing is OK. (In particular, double-check with Michael, because he can be really strict.)

Whatever belief system you have is great! Gods, goddesses, angels… beautiful! However, know that you are the universe and nothing is outside of you. I like to look at my angels as parts of myself that help me on an energetic level. I believe that we are connected to everything and everyone, angels included, and that they are like other pieces of us within the structure of reality that help out on an energetic level. It’s great to know that we are infinitely supported, even possibly by other beings or energies, but it’s also important to remember that you are limitless in your power. You are more than abundantly enough, and you don’t have to constantly beg angelic beings for their help to have their support. The universe, and your angels, support you unconditionally.

  1. Be careful with what colors you are choosing when sending energy: gold is for protection, pink is for love… And don’t use purple unless it’s an emergency!

Why would we send someone energy? They have all the access to the infinite that we do. And in the attempt to control the colors of our “healing light,” we might not be allowing our natural, most beautiful light to shine through! Remember, when you combine all the colors of all the lights, the light is white! What I choose to do is to focus on my own energy, to be the most powerful receiver and the best version of myself, in the best energy that I can be. Radiate positivity, and radiate joy! When you do this, you become a beautiful light that doesn’t need to do anything other than shine, and your rays affect everyone. Focus on being in a place of eternal bliss and your natural color will illuminate.

“Focus on being in a place of eternal bliss and your natural color will illuminate.”


We are moving into a new period where our consciousness is expanding, and we are becoming more aware of our infinite potential. There are no restrictions to this potential. When you grasp that you are the universe expressing itself, you realize there truly is nothing that can set you back in life without your permission.

To be in an unconditional state is to truly be love. Whenever you have this awareness, and you can view every person, situation, and factor in your life unconditionally, you are actually observing those things in the same way that god/love/the universe does. This level of observation allows healing to take place. It allows love, regardless of circumstance. That, to me, is truly what being a healer is. It is looking at the world from an unconditional perspective.

And this includes you! In fact, I believe that every person should focus this “unconditionality” on his or herself before any other circumstance in their life. When you love yourself unconditionally, it means that you don’t need to be or do anything different from what you are now to be your very best. The letting go of the conditions allows you to step into your ultimate potential in this moment. Take a moment right now to really grasp and feel this.

“That, to me, is truly what being a healer is.
It is looking at the world from an unconditional perspective.”

Have this level of perception, with love that has no boundaries. It is exactly what the world needs right now. You are exactly what the world needs right now. Be the healer that the world needs by being you, unconditionally.  

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By Ashley Lomelino
Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner 

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