Is Reconnective Healing Mere Imagination?

A Harvard study showed that we are only able see about 4% of what exists in the Universe with our physical eyes. The rest is invisible to the human eye. This lays the foundation for a number of people to proclaim the invisible as non-existent, spooky or mere imagination.

This goes hand in hand with the now obsolete belief that 98% of the human DNA is so called junk DNA. In fact, we know today that these 98% are everything else but junk.

During an experience with Reconnective Healing, a lot of things happen unconsciously and far beyond the comprehension of our mind.

Does that mean that these frequencies are subject to human imagination? Especially when considering that not everybody has the same intense experience?

Just like the findings that the eye is only able to perceive 4% of the universe isn’t proof that the remaining 96% don’t exist – on the contrary, there is great evidence that this invisible field precedes the graspable and visible world -, we have to take a closer look at the Reconnective Healing frequencies being a result of imagination or the placebo effect.

The word imagination has two opposing meanings. For one, many define it as imagining unrealistic things. In extreme cases, this type of imagination might even be considered as having hallucinations. But there is a second form of imagination that in psychology, is often referred to as visualization or imagining desired goals and outcomes and may bring very positive results.

And what about Reconnective Healing?

We can safely say that we are not dealing with imagining unrealistic things. How so? First, there is the countless feedback from people and second the data from scientific research. But Reconnective Healing can’t be considered another way of classical visualization either, because clients don’t have to imagine anything in order for these frequencies to work. They work beyond and independently of imagination.

That said, Reconnective Healing does encompass imagination, but in a different way. On that level of healing, imagination becomes reality. Not by consciously imagining certain things, but more so by experiencing a myriad of physical, visual, acoustic and other sensations. One could argue that this is still imagination, but at a closer look we recognize a totally different meaning:

We are not dealing with unrealistic fantasies, but the realization and awareness of a much more comprehensive, higher reality that some call God, Universe or Field.

Reconnective Healing opens the door to the invisible 96% of the universe. And what’s in it for us? Simply put, the reconnection with our true essence and natural balance.




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By Lukas Tobler
Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner 

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