Jillian E. Fleer

Executive Director

As Executive Director of The Reconnection, LLC, Jillian oversees the direction and vision for the company that supports the worldwide Reconnective Healing community. Her responsibilities include global partnerships, training programs, content development, program execution, and business strategy.

Jillian works directly in collaboration with Dr. Eric Pearl and Pat Atanas to lead The Reconnection’s team including over 100 mentors internationally. Together, they are establishing Reconnective Healing as the industry leader in Energy Healthcare & Life Progress™.

Combining her entrepreneurial skills and her experience as a seasoned executive, Jillian’s commitment is to ensure the integrity of their mission: to advance humanity into the next level of Human Evolution and Life Progress utilizing the spectrum of scientifically supported Reconnective Healing® frequencies that reclaim wholeness, balance, and health for all living beings.

Prior to The Reconnection, Jillian was a personal consultant and advisor to established global teachers and practitioners in the Healing Arts and Wellness Industry. One of her most memorable contributions was supporting the establishment of the Indigenous Grandmothers Project, working with Dr. Larry Peters and Grandmother Aama Bamboo in Peters’ studies on Shamanism and the Nepal Pilgrimage. She also founded her own business as an organic essential oils manufacturer and distributor.

Before her full engagement in the healing arts, Jillian spent 20+ years leading business operations and large-scale productions in film, television, and advertising. She created shows for some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world – including Showtime and Universal. Additionally, she was the Executive Producer on television campaigns for iconic brands such as Coke, IBM, Michelob, HP, and Virgin. She was also the CEO of a self-esteem brand supporting women and girls worldwide.

Jillian grew up in Highland Park, Illinois as one of five siblings and two entrepreneurial, community-minded parents who gifted her with the knowingness that everything we envision can become our collective creation for humanity.

She loves to paddle-surf, hike, bike, and learn about the wonders of Mother Nature and the power of the Cosmos.

The Reconnection’s mission to advance humanity into the next level of Human Evolution and life Progress utilizing the spectrum of scientifically supported Reconnective Healing™ frequencies that reclaim wholeness,
balance and health for all living beings.

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