João Teotónio (JT), DVM

JT is a Portuguese Veterinarian who spent most of his life searching for a deeper purpose for life and Health. In this quest for meaning, he moved to the UK at the age of 17 to study Biological Sciences. One year later, JT decided he wanted to work with animals and people more closely, so he moved back to Lisbon to start his Veterinary Medicine degree.

But JT never enjoyed looking at the world through everyone else’s glasses, so he kept searching for other interpretations of life and health. In his search for answers, he came across Eric’s book “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself”. Only a few months later, he completed his Level I/II in Lisbon, becoming a Reconnective Healing  practitioner in 2013.

As a veterinarian, JT brings together the conventional scientific knowledge of Medicine and the more comprehensive, multidimensional approach of Reconnective Healing  to fully understand the Universe that surrounds us and its infinite possibilities.

JT is driven by the will to turn the yesterdays into better tomorrows, and he’s passionate about raising consciousness in every field he works in. If he’s not working with animals or enjoying the company of his family and friends, you could probably find him practicing Yoga or teaching his students. JT is known for his open personality and warm heart. He treasures real friends, and nothing makes his day like good laughter and an honest smile.

Meet Dr. JT in this video!