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Kelly Woodruff was born in Tennessee and raised in central Florida. He received his formal education in Theatre and Fine Arts from Florida State University. After moving to New York City, he appeared on Broadway and in National and International tours as an actor, singer and dancer. His artistic interests eventually led him to a career in interior design. He is currently a partner in the architectural and interior design firm Bohn Associates of New York and Miami, where he directs the design department. He has also recently launched a custom furniture line, Design for Designers.

Kelly experienced Reconnective Healing for the first time in 2003 and was intrigued by the profound simplicity and truth of the work. He attended the Level l/ll and Level lll Seminars and was surprised that it came so naturally to him. He began to cultivate a deep desire to help others and teach them how to discover and understand the work for themselves. He then began to assist Eric Pearl at seminars throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Kelly is a graduate of The Reconnection Associate Instructor Program and is on the vanguard of a new paradigm of healing, assisting Eric in the expansion of The Reconnection’s teaching model so this important mission can reach a larger global audience.

He is also an active Yoga practitioner and the Program Leader of Reconnective Yoga. This program offers workshops, classes and a Certification Course that teach Yoga Instructors and practitioners how to integrate Reconnective Healing frequencies into their Yoga practice and classes, allowing for a more expansive experience on the mat.

Gifted with the opportunity to expand his consciousness, Kelly credits Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection with contributing to his personal shift. Kelly has attended teachings from Lee Carroll, John Demartini and Drs. J.J. Hurtak, William Tiller, Gary Schwartz, Konstantin Korotkov and Terry Cole-Whitaker. He also participates in research projects to measure the effects of Reconnective Healing with the most preeminent scientists on the planet. In addition to teaching, Kelly offers Reconnective Healing sessions, The Reconnection and Practitioner Mentoring at his New York City and Miami practices.

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