Moving Beyond the Familiar!

Having spent a month wandering, camping and driving through the National Forests of Colorado, I was experiencing sensual delight. The various landscapes sometimes seemed other worldly. At times, I could feel my own inner boundaries dissolving as I merged into the vastness of unending beauty. The Rocky Mountain National Park was to be the pinnacle of our Colorado experience before moving on into Wyoming.

We entered Rocky Mountain National Park with a state of expectancy that soon caused our brows to furrow. For the first ten miles into the park there were dead trees everywhere with their withered brown bodies clinging to the sides of the mountains. Scrubby little seedlings were growing where they could with seeming determination to become the next generation.

We continued driving and climbing up the park road. Soon the dead trees were left behind. As we crawled up the mountain far above the tree line in our Tahoe, I felt a nervousness in my chest. To my left was the inside lane hugging the mountain and to my right were the ethers. I could feel the invitation to look out and behold the majesty of the Rockies. Yet anything more than a glance and I felt I might be swallowed by the immensity of it all. I found myself clinging to the familiar yellow lines in the center of the road. I focused on them as though my life depended on it. My senses portrayed the road as a slippery ribbon, suspended in space, and focusing on the yellow lines somehow kept me from sliding off of the ribbon into the unknown. There were no guardrails, shoulders, trees, or familiar landmarks to offer security to my psyche. I was far above the familiar scenery and boundaries that had lent me their illusion of safety. Instead, I was creeping along, clinging to the yellow line in my mind. At the highest point on the mountain there was a pull out, a respite where my humility was redefined.

With our descent the familiar landmarks soon returned; guardrails along the hairpin turns, trees hugging the edge of the highway, road signs and shoulders reappeared.I felt the relief of familiarity and the seeming safety of boundaries.

This rich experience catapulted me beyond my intellectual knowledge. I understand now on a visceral level the tendency for people to cling to their familiar landmarks and habits even when the invitation to expand is ever present. The intensity of my focus on the yellow lines while steering the Tahoe up the mountain was one of life and death; it kept the Tahoe from slipping off of the ribbon into the ethers. Yet it was a total scam by my 5 sensory perception! I was duped into thinking that my life was in danger and I had to focus on those puny yellow lines, instead of looking out into the wondrous beauty of the Rockies and embracing the feeling of being atop of the world. It was a priceless lesson on my journey of expansion. My experience taught me that clinging to the yellow lines, a familiar landmark, was an illusion of safety that cost me an encounter with the majesty of magnificence.

Opportunities to expand don’t need to be that dramatic to be perspective shifting and life changing. Often it’s a simple matter of suspending disbelief, opening the aperture of one’s mind and being willing to say “Yes!” to more Life.

As a mentor and teaching assistant for Reconnective Healing®, I have witnessed a similar dynamic with students aspiring to become Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioners. Many come to the training programs fully invested in the familiarity of their particular energy healing modality and technique. During the Reconnective Healing Training Programs, the students are introduced to a higher vibration of healing, and freedom, with the frequencies of light and information. There they experience and witness the magnitude of Reconnective Healing when it is undiluted by the modalities and techniques of yesterday. Even then, it can still be challenging for some students to move beyond their “yellow lines” of familiarity with techniques, into a realm of healing that is all encompassing and sufficient, without the need for rituals or techniques of any kind.

There is a new frontier in the healing of consciousness that is accessible to all with Reconnective Healing. Reaching out and expanding beyond the familiar can be exhilarating, breathtaking, and even a bit scary when we are on the precipice of our own evolution. Like our ancestors, the pioneers of life, we are being invited to move forward, and beyond our “familiar,” with a simple “Yes!” to more Life.

By Nikki Cox
Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner &
Teaching Team Member

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