Practitioners Learning Community (PLC)

The PLC is a virtual classroom & gathering place, exclusively for RH Practitioners – where we can continue to learn & grow within the frequencies, and interact with one another & with potential mentors.

The Practitioners Learning Community (PLC) is a virtual classroom & gathering place exclusively for RH Practitioners – where we can continue to learn & grow within the frequencies, and interact with one another and with potential mentors. Students earn the right to join the PLC upon the completion of Live Level II Training, and can continue learning within the PLC as long as they accept the standards and practices required to become a Foundational Practitioner.

Each month, a new round of video content will be added to the curriculum and become available for viewing by PLC members. These are curated topics designed to help new practitioners grow and flourish, and to foster discussion within the larger RH community. Relevant footage from the archives of The Reconnection LLC will also be delivered every 30 days – to augment the new learning material, and showcase how this work is both timeless and constantly evolving.

The PLC will feature one-on-one e-learning, consultation and guidance to help your Reconnective Healing practice flourish. In the first six months, members gain specialized tips and training from Pat Atanas, Director of Team and Practice Development. And in the following six months, the PLC will feature classes, insights and research by various members of the global RH Teaching Team. Plus, Dr. Eric Pearl will be joining the conversation each month to directly answer Practitioner Questions, and to introduce new topics for the team to wrestle with.

The PLC is designed for Practitioners to learn at their own pace – any time, any place, on any device – but with real-time access to support from mentors and peers who are learning alongside you. Get coached on how to communicate about RH to clients, friends, and family, and how to become comfortable in finding your own words about the work. Develop a customized plan of action for living and working in the RH frequencies. And, then, when you are ready, take steps to set up a professional environment that works for you and your life situation.

Video & Coaching Topics include (with many more to come):

  • Communicating About the Work
  • The Difference between Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection
  • Living and Growing with the Awareness of Life Progress
  • Development of Self & Transforming Society
  • Making the Invisible, Visible
  • Space Consciousness
  • Gaining and Maintaining The Standards of Practice
  • Are You READY for what’s next?
  • Setting Initial Practice Goals and Planning
  • Spirituality vs. Religion
  • Coherence & Repeatability
  • Chakras: Theory or More?
  • Choosing Your Fee
  • Using Social Media to Create Attention
  • Getting Started – The Phone Experience
  • Getting Started – Arrival, Environment, Briefing
  • Getting Started – Actual Session Experience
  • Getting Started – De-Briefing
  • Strategies for Increasing Clientele
  • Creating Your Website
  • Maintaining your Balance and Growth
  • Journey of a Practitioner

Feel supported and keep mentally stimulated by staying engaged with other Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioners – from your training program class, your city, your country, your language, or around the Globe. By joining the PLC you are joining a community of seekers – a learning network of RH colleagues who gather to help you stay motivated, to expand your creativity, and to keep you growing in the awareness of what Reconnective Healing is, and can be.