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In this two-day course, you are trained to facilitate a Reconnective Kids™! class. After sharing your previous experiences working with Reconnective Healing® and with children, respectively, you immediately begin learning strategies for putting the two together. Taking into consideration the spectrum of personalities that may be in a children’s class, you explore how to convey The Reconnection® in age-appropriate ways that are interactive, dynamic, and fun – such as through games, stories, and art that have an informational and educational purpose.

You are encouraged to draw from your personal experience of The Reconnection®, so as to help make this work especially meaningful for the children and for yourself. At the end of the first day, you are encouraged to brainstorm how to apply all the teaching theory to your own unique experience and style. On the second day, you have the opportunity to put these ideas into practice, as everyone gets the chance to role-play the instructor and the children.

To find out about upcoming Reconnective Kids™! Instructor Training programs in your area, visit our Schedule page . To register for an upcoming program, visit our Store page. For everything you need to know before attending a Reconnective Kids! instructor training program, download our introductory brochure, Reconnective Kids™! InformationPacket

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