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Because they have not yet been exposed to a lifetime of socialization, children tend to be more connected and open to the heart and instinct than adults. In addition, having witnessed the use of cell phones, text messages, email, and the like since infancy, today’s children understand that it is possible to be connected with someone who is not present. For these and many other reasons, children quickly grasp the advanced concepts of Reconnective Healing, and they are easily able to access and transmit the Reconnective Healing frequencies.

In this two-hour class, children draw, color, and play Reconnective Healing games with Slinkies, ping pong balls, and stuffed animals. Instructors conduct these activities in a way that hones children’s understanding of how Reconnective Healing frequencies work and that enhances the children’s ability to access and transmit these frequencies. After processing their experiences in a talking circle, children have the opportunity to practice transmitting the healing frequencies to their parents or to each other.

Following another opportunity to share their experiences, children learn how to integrate the Reconnective Healing frequencies into their daily lives – supporting a loved one who is sick, managing performance anxieties at school, responding to conflict at home, or helping a pet who is sick or injured. At the end of the seminar, children are encouraged to always retain their sense of openness and wonder – drawing from Reconnecting Healing frequencies as needed, throughout their lives.

To find out about Reconnective Kids! classes in your area, visit our Schedule page, and to register for an upcoming class, visit our Store. For everything you need to know before attending a Reconnective Kids! class, download our introductory brochure, Reconnective Kids! Information Packet