Reconnective Healing and Meditation

One of the most wonderful experiences I have had in my life was when on January 6, 1980, I learned to meditate.

As I let myself be rocked by my vital breath, I achieved in certain periods of time that my mind would entertain and silence, allowing myself to unfold within me, an infinite state of plenitude and peace. This was interrupted by thoughts that unfortunately brought me out of my introspection or, in many cases, the speed of my mind, like the hounds of runaway horses, did not allow me to reach such a desired state of clarity and inner peace.

In June of 2009 I received my first Reconnective Healing and then my Personal Reconnection, and I could say that at the beginning, outside the vibration of this frequency in my hands, there was no connection with my inner peace.

I never wanted to consciously mix my meditation with Reconnective Healing, but recently, many times without practicing this meditation, I enter effortlessly into that infinite interior space of plenitude each time I only put my attention in feeling these beautiful frequencies of Reconnective Healing.

Thanks to Reconnective Healing, I went from the effort to meditate, to the change so longed for, where with only feeling these frequencies, I find clarity, peace and joy that overflows my heart. My gratitude became infinite and immeasurable and that is why Reconnective Healing is increasingly important in my life.


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By Rafael Coriat
Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner 

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