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Reneé Coltson is an Associate Instructor for The Reconnection, Reconnective Kids! Facilitator, and founder of Partnership In Planetary Healing (PIPH), a humanitarian organization  dedicated to easing suffering and raising global consciousness. Reneé  brings to her sessions and seminars locally and throughout the world the same impeccable qualities that earned her international recognition as a Reiki Master Teacher and Metaphysician.  Following a sequence of extraordinary events, she encountered these new frequencies of healing and in February of 2000, her path changed dramatically to Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. For more than 25 years, Reneé has been successfully utilizing her natural healing gifts with people of all ages, as well as animals.   Renée’s passion for this work, her warm heart and generosity of spirit are often inspiring and always create empowering experiences for those who interact with her.

Since the inception of PIPH, Reneé has been invited into private and public schools to share with children and young adults how they individually and collectively can effect positive change in the world.  Reneé’s heartfelt commitment to PIPH’s purpose is further realized working with children in this dynamic and global movement, teaching them to interact with the frequencies that heal on all levels and are beneficial for all living things; to include people, animals and plants.

Reneé brings an innate connection to children in addition to her inherent teaching abilities to all the Reconnective Kids! classes she teaches. She has received special service awards from The Reconnection for her work with people of all ages and animals around the planet. Reneé says, “I feel blessed and very excited to offer Reconnective Kids! programs“.

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