2017 is the Year
We Celebrate
Your Impact

We have long needed a place where anyone on the planet could begin to learn and receive this work in a natural and organic way…
A Reconnective Healing Community where your voice deeply matters. Likewise, we have needed a home base for Practitioners…
where we could continue to grow and support one another.

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in multiple languages –

4 Pillars of “The Year of the Practitioner”

Pillar 1 – A “Practitioners’ Learning Community”
Come together online to exchange insights and ideas that will deepen our understanding of this work. The content will be specifically targeted toward the Journey of a Practitioner and, no matter your level of activity in the past, you will find a home here!

  Sign up to be a PLC beta tester if you’d like to give us early feedback, and help guide the growth of the Online learning & interaction we will undertake together. (Complete the 2-step form)

Pillar 2 – YOUR Stories at the Forefront
For those who have been impacted by this work… we want to elevate your individual voices and show the face of RH in all its fullness and light. If we lead with the healings you’ve experienced, observed, and even facilitated, we can greatly accelerate the spread of RH around the world.

  Submit your heartfelt stories, and help us capture the results of your dedication. We’ll bring them to our social media, to the web, to the online learning experiences, and even to our Live Training Programs. (Complete the 2-step form)

Pillar 3 – New and Better Ways to Support YOU
We want to honor what you have done to support The Reconnection. This means more readily available mentors, and larger teams of Practitioners having a voice in the future of our Level II, when it comes to your city and country. Join our Ambassador programs for Level II, or help bring students to Online Level 1, and see significant rewards and commissions. And, we want to hear in your own words how you want to be supported.

  Tell us your interests and needs here! (Complete the 2-step form)

Pillar 4 – Focus on Your LOCAL Communities
For all we talk about Local and Non-Local… we realize that a focus to grow and develop Reconnective Healing in Local Communities matters. We want you to have a link to people and information. We want to help you start meetups and concalls. Know that you are never alone if you are part of the Reconnective Healing Family!

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