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1. How can we as humans communicate with our pets? 

We are always communicating with them – whether we are aware of it or not. The challenge for us is to develop awareness of our emotions and thoughts and the way we act and react in different situations. Our animals are experts in reading us, so we need to know what messages we’re sending through each movement. Pay attention to the way you speak to them, the way you touch them, the way you look at them and, above all, your emotional state during all interactions. Initiate the right actions instead of waiting to react.

2. Can you provide some examples of how a pet might try to communicate something to us?

Different species communicate differently. Most dogs (not all!) tend to communicate in a very overt way – they might stare patiently right at you or pace around the door to show they want a walk; they may bring a toy to your feet to signal play time or sit right next to you for some much needed contact. Dogs also tend to be clear when they’re uncomfortable, giving stress signals by moving away or even growling and snapping. A cat can be more subtle, so we may need to learn to read their signals more attentively: she might give you an intense look (or poop on your carpet) when it’s time to clean her litter trays; her tail may flicker when she’s becoming stressed; she may even “glue” herself to the ground with her ears flattened to either side to say she’s scared to death and will bite/scratch if you approach. On the other hand, she will clearly tell you she loves you by rubbing herself against your legs when you get home or bumping heads with you.

Communication is all about understanding their language so you’ll know what to look for and can act accordingly.

3. What is the difference between dogs and cats?

What is the difference between bears and meerkats? They’re two very different species. There’s a wealth of differences. Some examples:

  • Dogs are typically predators, and cats are both predator & prey – that has a huge effect on their behavior patterns
  • Cats are often much more sensitive to noises, touch and movement in comparison to dogs, and they react more abruptly
  • Dogs are a highly social species that’s evolved alongside humans over thousands of years; cats tend to be more solitary and independent, though that’s not true of all of them

I like to put it this way: dogs live in mixed-species families, and cats… well, they share their house with other flat mates
Their behaviors differ greatly, so it’s important to understand the meaning of different patterns (eg. tail up means tension in a dog and friendliness in a cat; a closed mouth is exhibited with a relaxed cat but in a tense dog; a cat wags her tail when she’s becoming upset, and a dog wags it when she’s willing to interact).

4. Do pets have personalities based on their breed, or their environment, or both?

Behavior is a combination of three main aspects: genetics, environment and learning. That means a pet’s way of interacting with their surroundings is predisposed by their genetic inheritance (their breed and the behaviors of their genealogical ascendants), but it is also shaped by their environment (everything the animal has come across since their early stages of development), and it is hugely affected by their learning process (the associations they make between different situations and their consequences; this process of association is happening at each moment of their lives, meaning it can affect behavior patterns from the earliest stages of development through to old age).

5. Why should I get a Reconnective Healing session for my pet?

If you’re thinking about having a RH session for your pet, then you should go for it. It’s an opportunity to bring your pet to an optimum state of balance; allowing your pet to interact with these frequencies will produce real effects on their DNA, as shown in multiple scientific studies. And the outcomes go far beyond the physical sphere.

Reconnective Healing® can be used as an adjunctive in the treatment of any health challenge as well. Although it is not a treatment, as it doesn’t address specific symptoms or disorders, it works in a much more comprehensive way, helping the body heal itself towards its maximum potential. Just remember: there’s no substitute for a Vet visit when it comes to your pet’s health! Reconnective Healing ® is to be seen as an integrative and complementary health care tool.

6. How will my pet react to Reconnective Healing?

All individuals of every species react differently, but they all feel it, and they all get their healings. Most of them will show signs of increased calmness and relaxation after just a few minutes. They may become very interested in what you’re doing, “sniffing” these frequencies, licking your hands or walking towards you. Just like humans, pets show different kinds of registers (involuntary movements of their eyes and muscles). Unlike humans, they will walk away when they feel the session is over, if they’re given that chance.

7. What makes pets more accepting or not accepting of this work?

Non-human animals are generally considered more “accepting” of this work because they don’t appear to have a human-level complexity of mind. Our mind is what allows us to perform complex mental tasks and thinking processes – however, it is very limited! Experiencing and explaining our existence and the Universe around us through our rational mind sometimes keeps us from understanding these phenomena in a more profound and complete way. Animals don’t seem to have this problem, and this lack of a barrier allows them to fully experience RH sessions and their benefits quite easily.

Just remember this: there’s always a healing – but not necessarily the one you’re looking for. So be careful when you’re thinking, “it didn’t work on my pet,” as you are making a quick assumption for him based on what you perceive at the time. Some effects take time to recognize.

8. What is the importance of the pet and owner relationship in regards to Reconnective Healing?

We’re really never “only” working with the animal. People are part of every aspect of this work, as they are co-experiencing it with their animal and are, therefore, a fundamental part of it.

Some more out-of-the-box professionals say there is an intrinsic purpose in the connection between pets and their owners – they are together for a reason. RH® is about expanding your awareness and bringing yourself and others to a more comprehensive understanding of life and health; it’s about evolution! So understanding the real depth of the relationship between you and your pet is definitely a plus for this work.

Written by: João Teotónio (JT), DVM

JT is a Portuguese Veterinarian who spent most of his life searching for a deeper purpose for life and Health. In this quest for meaning, he moved to the UK at the age of 17 to study Biological Sciences. One year later, JT decided he wanted to work with animals and people more closely, so he moved back to Lisbon to start his Veterinary Medicine degree.But JT never enjoyed looking at the world through everyone else’s glasses, so he kept searching for other interpretations of life and health. In his search for answers, he came across Eric’s book “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself”. Only a few months later, he completed his Level I/II in Lisbon, becoming a Reconnective Healing  practitioner in 2013.

As a veterinarian, JT brings together the conventional scientific knowledge of Medicine and the more comprehensive, multidimensional approach of Reconnective Healing  to fully understand the Universe that surrounds us and its infinite possibilities.

JT is driven by the will to turn the yesterdays into better tomorrows, and he’s passionate about raising consciousness in every field he works in. If he’s not working with animals or enjoying the company of his family and friends, you could probably find him practicing Yoga or teaching his students. JT is known for his open personality and warm heart. He treasures real friends, and nothing makes his day like good laughter and an honest smile.

Meet JT in this video!

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1) Completion of Foundational Certification in Reconnective Healing OR…
2) Completion of Reconnective Healing: Level I and II Training Programs (as of May 2014).

* Only Foundational Practitioners will be eligible for Reconnective Healing Animal Certification.

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Reconnective Healing for Pets