Reconnective Healing Global Awareness Webinar

With Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer

We have concluded our FREE exclusive online webinar event about Reconnective Healing, in celebration of the Reconnective Healing Global Awareness Week. Reconnective Healing is a highly evolved form of energy interaction that continues to advance our health, balance, and quality of life progress with infinite freedom and expanded consciousness.

Reconnective Healing shows us where we are moving to – from individuality into oneness. It’s not just about the physical healings, it’s about so much more.

In this 2-hour long webinar Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer will walk you through the essentials of Reconnective Healing, answer questions and share stories of how this has impacted their own lives and the lives of countless others. You will hear directly from people who practice Reconnective Healing and from the people whose lives have been changed.

Each person’s healing experience will be unique. We invite you to discover yours.


We will be answering as many as possible during our webinar 



Why is necessary to register every reconnected person? Those data must show some number of all the reconnected people, at least since you opened the online registration. We are dying to know, how many people are reconnected and aligned to the higher intelligence infrastructure?🙏😇 Please, give us the number or %. Thank you, lots of love, Ajda



what is your discernment that this healing is of the Holy Spirit of God versus the spirit of the God of this world? of Holy Spirit of God versus elemental spirits of the universe?


Mary Lou

Have you encountered an individual that could NOT be entrained as a conduit for Reconnective Healing? Is there an element of or consideration for “worthiness” in the student of RH, e.g., Ego gets in the way?



You use the equivalent of thermodynamics to explain entropy. That thermodynamics is based on air as the particles. Your theory also based on many, many particles. What are those particles?



Hi Eric and Jillian, I tend to become so relaxed while sending healing frequency to others that I often fall asleep. If I set my intention for the Reconnective frequency to continue if I should fall asleep – will it continue? Thank you, Sharon



Any chance you will be coming to San Francisco to do Level 2? For years I have been hoping to see you there in the city. Loving RH. Thank you so much for all that you share. Jeri



I find the increase in time experience and the expanding bubble we are in so fascinating. Our frequency is increasing. Can you go a little more in depth about that.


Miriam sadof

Can you conduct a healing session for a group of people successfuly. I am volunteering at a drug recovery facility and would love to help this epidemic problem in the USA.



What is the number one block for someone becoming a healer?



Is attending level 1 online course enough to be able to entrain with the frequencies of Reconnective Healing? Especially if accessing the frequency for family and close friends only. 2. My family and I are currently stationed in South Korea until summer 2018 then we will be moving to Germany around June 2018, will you have any Level 2 classes in Germany for 2018 (Germany is not showing up on the website calendar of events)? 3. Is Level 2 and The Reconnection only taught primarily by Dr. Pearl? Is it because students and attendees have to entrain with Reconnective Healing frequency through him and no one else?



Does relaxing music distract or enhance a Reconnective Healing?



Why can’t I feel the frequency in my hands? I have trained with you, I watch all your interviews, videos, I love this work, I get it absolutely, I am Light but I have no sense of anything in my hands. I do it anyway.


Jadranka Dumic

Dear, I read your books. Bilana lecturing the Universe in Zagreb, as I know it can really works. I tried to reconnect with the Universe. How do I know that what I have in my hands helps or does not help people.



I did a workshop with Eric back in 2008 in Montreal and since that I got cured from autoimmune disease



To give a Reconnective Healing session to a small child it is not necessary the child is on the massage table, right? Please give some advice how to… Thanks in advance! Patrick



Hey dear Eric and Jillian! Much respect for both of you and your work! It’s little to say that I’m impressed with what you are doing. I don’t actually have anything to ask you(yet😁), but would like to share my admiration towards you. Recently I read your book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, and afterwards the only thing what I had on my mind was to do Reconnective Healing.😁 So, I found a lady from my country who is Reconnective Healing Practitioner and had finished the seminar with you, Eric. I did the Reconnective Healing and later on Personal Reconnection. I couldn’t be more blessed. Now, my true wish is to start with the seminars with you and hopefully it’s going to happen soon. Looking forward to meet you both. Lots of success in your work! Sincerely, Aleksandra Vuksanovic


Tatjana Sučec

How to be more aware of inner energetic lines and flow of energy through them? I saw them 2 times with my inner eye. During my everyday life, on work, I feel the flow of energy is blocked.



I’ve just about completed the online course. But I don’t seem to feel very much, if any. Never have on any other type of energy work either. Should I just ignore that and just assume it’s working?



Completely new to this. Can receiving a Reconnective Healing from a local person activate the healing ability in me?


Carol Wiley

Is the act of setting intentions in your life or for others compatible with the philosophy of Reconnective Healing?



Do you offer any scholarships for your training?



What is the meaning behind the body movements during a RH session? What exactly is the practitioner doing to facilitate the session?



Would like help for severe rheumatoid arthritis.


Carol Phillips-Jones

Hi…when and where in Europe will the Reconnection Animal and Pet course be held… I had been informed November 2017 Portugal… but no more news!!!! Please really want to do it ASAP. Thank you



Anything for regeneration of bones being destroyed by RSD?



When will there be events in the Washington, DC, area?



When are you coming to the Netherlands?


Jenny Marcos

Question 1 – Could Reconnective Healing be practiced on a property, a piece of land for example? Question 2 – Could there be an advantage in having more than one person facilitating Reconnective Healing to the same client at the same time from a distance (i.e.: 3 people in different countries)?



Whether God exist. If so how to know his address and recognized him. Hindu has so many Gods but we say there is only one God. How to feel his presence and get him.



Of the people who take your trainings, what percentage are able to convey healings like those Eric Pearl has been known to do? If a student is able to convey effective healing energy, is this typically all the time or just some of the time? How often on average can a successful student continue to be able to succeed as a healer? Is Eric himself continually able to succeed at this work or are his results sporadic only?



Ever since I took the course and had the alignment several years ago, my body, limbs, lips or eyes jerk, or move, whenever I am doing a healing or simply feeling a strong good emotion like love, empathy or connection. Is this normal?



A healing may or may not happen. How do you deal with the disappointment. This happened to me. paid my friend $165. Could feel the energy too, but no improvement I took the course twice! So I was not new to the work… it must happen frequently. What do you say?


Mamta Seksaria

Hello! Why is it that I feel tingling at the base of my feet randomly as well as often times when I think of the RH frequencies. Thk u.


Suzana F Butler

Are there any scientific facts or proofs that illustrate the effectiveness of RH



A while back I remember seeing something about starting to foster on-going relationships with our clients. I didn’t follow up on it at the time, and now I can’t find anything about this. Please update us on what is happening and being recommended in this regard. Thank you!



When, please, please are you coming to Australia so I can do the workshops?


Rev. Dr. Liam

Can Reconnective Healing be done non-locally without being in the same time and place as the healer?



Is Reconnective Healing a frequency (energy), same as “the field” (Lynne McTaggart) that actually united us all, or CHI or a specific sort of frequency/energy that is unique but still within a bandwidth or totally separated from anything else. Thank you very much in advance. Christophe



I will like to have help to have better focus in my daily life, and to have help to do what I am supposed to do in life, my meaning, my place in this life. 😘



How do you increase one’s immune system


Tina Faltermeier

Hello! My name is Tina and I’m following at the moment the RH Online Training Level One. I have no idea if my question is of any interest to you: last July I followed my second workshop with Dr Joe Dispenza where I was “hit” by a very strong energy during most of the days of the workshop. The energy was so strong that I thought I have to die (it was not really comfortable). When I went back home and continued meditating like we do with this method, the energy was there again, not so strong as during the workshop but still quite strong. And ever since that day, it’s always coming. I don’t ask for it, I don’t imagine it, I don’t do anything just meditating, just being a thought. Most of the time it works in my head or my throat, then often on my breastbone and my solar plexus. It depends but sometimes it can be very strong so that it has a big impact on my breathing. It’s a feeling like I am breathed-)). Do you have any idea if this is the same energy that I am now learning to work with in Reconnective Healing or is this something else? I would like to add that I do not move at all during my meditations, I am calm and still with my hands resting on my legs while I am sitting. BTW, I did already my Reconnection a week ago and the physical reactions were similar to those I m experiencing during my meditations. Thank you for your reply!



I don’t feel quite comfortable with RH self-healing and absent healing… Maybe am I trying too “hard”? Is it to be in exactly the same state of being as “usual” (RH in person)? Thank you and blessings!



Is Reconnection Healing the same as Reiki… and if no, how does it differ?



It’s fantastic this healing, I’ve been practicing since I bought your book. And then recently your online course. How can I handle my hands over me? Do you use any specific breath, to improve awareness? Thank you so much! You’re a charismatic person with so much grace!



1 – How to help someone with Reconnective Healing if this someone has a life threating illness? 2 – How to handle a client that after 3 sessions says that nothing happened?



I have gone through the 3-day reconnection course. I can’t say I noticed a shift in any area of my life even though energy was traveling all over and through my body during the reconnecting process. How can I access, experience and play with the energy of Reconnective Healing without becoming a practitioner?



What I feel on my hands during working with a client with Reconnective Healing – is this the field of the client or the general FIELD at all? Might sound stupid but came into my mind… Thanks!


Vimla Gangiah

if a client shows no registers and feels nothing is the session still effective



can you show a self healing?



How do you know if you are receiving the frequencies?



What is the simplest answer to what is the Reconnection when someone asks you.



Can I facilitate Reconnective healing to someone even if I do not feel healed myself?



How I can spread awareness of Reconnecting Healing to as many people as possible? What is an effective way?



what are the body signs of being activated after attended the online course and The Reconnection? 2. Will you be conducting any Level 2 courses in Singapore or these regions? Thank you.



I am trusting all is working for my good and the good of those I do sessions with. My question is is it common for “seemingly bad” things to happen or lives to kind of “blow up”? I sometimes have to fight not feeling responsible for this and to choose keep trusting. Example: I did a practice Reconnection session on a17 year old young man, during the 2nd day session I had feelings of joy and happiness and I couldn’t help smiling as I played with the energies. In our discussion after he reported these thoughts/feelings and also a sincere sense of peace of just being ok with who he was among other things. The next week he is in the hospital after taking an overdose and struggling greatly. I know each are exactly where they need to be but sometimes this is hard and I wonder if there is still something in me that I need to face and deal with about my stepping out and being fully me that hurts others? I think this and I know it’s absurd because we are each responsible for our own lives and I go back to trusting in the good of it all…. is this a common happening in this work? Thank you!



Why would a person have discomfort during RH? (occipital region, old injury). 2. Is it normal for a person to feel as if it’s difficult to move during RH? Is it causing pain? 3. Please recap how to heal oneself. (I was in the john and missed that part). 4. How do we employ ¨being the observer and the observed”? With much respect and admiration. Ruth



How do I learn how to heal using Reconnective Healing ? I am in Perth, Western Australia Thank you.



I find it hard to focus my attention on the client 100% of the time during a 30-minute distance healing session because my mind tends to wander for 2-3 minutes here and there. If my focus isn’t 100% on the client throughout the entire 30 minutes, does that lessen the amount of healing that takes place?



Is there a link to Eric’s presentation to the UN?



Hi :) my Q : Is Reiki Healing somehow similar to Reconnective Healing? both are working with our energy in very similar way… my Q : I’ve received attunement from Reiki Master for Reiki Level I, can I have a Reconnective Healing session too (in one point, if I want) or I shouldn’t? Thank you very much! Jovana :)



My brother-in-law John had heart surgery last Nov 2016. The recovery since then has taken a toll on his health. This summer, he had to go back to the hospital to have a defibrillator put in. Then he also ended up back in the hospital in Nov 2017 because the heart medication takes has now had an effect on his kidneys. He is presently still in the hospital very depressed and is not co-operating with the medical team assigned to him because he now feels defeated. I went to visit him in the hospital for almost 2 weeks every day and tried my best to offer him healing. All he wanted to know is Can I take his health issues away from him? I replied I feel I will certainly do my best at offering him what I can. I explained I am not in control of the outcome. But I will send him and his family healing. That my dear brother-in-law I have no doubts I can do. My question is when someone is so depressed with their illness and you do energy healing to them, how can you tell or see changes in the person to know if their depression has been helped by the healing you did to them? Just asking because his health does not seem to be changing for the better. He is getting worse each week and will be going into long or short term care soon if no improvements come about. He just seems like he wants to check out of this body. He just wants to sleep most of the time.



Hello, I have tried sometimes do experience with my family and friend. Is it normal that people make a lot of gestures with their hands, like a kind of cleaning. What makes these people do these things. Thank you for this webinar!



I have been sick for a couple of months with a virus and my life has been filled with stress due to my daughter’s mental illness. Would it help if I got Reconnected again? I know supposedly you only need that once, but I feel like maybe I need to start over.


Sirje Laansoo

I have not practiced RH for a long time, if I can just start all over again, or what should I do… Is the light still with me?



I have been using Reconnective Healing weekly for nearly a year. When I was in training I had very obvious signs and symptoms with colleagues I worked with. Since doing this in my office, only once have I seen a connection. Is this because at the training so many people were in the room and the energy was higher. Can you explain what’s happening in my office.



Why do we get negative thoughts that mess up our energy…..



Please could you explain why some people have mental or physical improvement with Reconnective Healing and others don’t appear to? Do you think all practitioners give the same healing? Thank you for your answer.



1. Can one tap into this natural ability with just books and webinar instruction? 2. Is it like Reiki where you can also heal other lifetimes? and long distance? (I apologize I have very little to no knowledge on this) 3. and why so few visits to LA? 😉



How does one heal dogs suffering from inoperable cancer with Reconnective Healing?



What can I do to help my 30 year old child who has OCD, has been home bound for 15 years, has serious medical issues, – but refuses to seek help with his OCD and his medical needs?



What healing is necessary to do for disabled person?



Additional Questions With Answer:



Why are you changing the criteria for current practitioners to have more training if we have already been certified by you? Since we received our certificates that states we are practitioners why are you saying we are not unless we continue to take the certifications?



Can you please tell me for once and for all the big difference between the old and the new method of RH? I’m working with RH since 2012 and have big results, so grateful for it. However I don’t get the money apart for the renewal because my clients live at the bottom of the society. They can’t pay but they need the session as hard as the ones who can pay. Please explain my question? Thank you!



Thank you for sharing your questions regarding the changes in our programs and how this affects your professional status.

And yes, of course you are still accessing the frequencies of Reconnective Healing. They become you, as you become them. The changes are in our professional standards and the global recognition of Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, and our Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioners.

In 2014 we made significant changes to our curriculum and the manner in which we are sharing Reconnective Healing with our attendees to be received in a more comprehensive manner and be more aligned with the growing field of Energy Medicine and Energy Healthcare. These advances are significant and important for each or our practitioners to comprehend and entrain within their practice.

We are continuing to expand, and in 2017, we created the O.N.E. Experience to incorporate our Online Essentials and Live Immersion to allow for a much greater dynamic and awareness of concepts, exercises, and community interaction than ever before. Our current format is much easier to grasp on many levels, as we delve more deeply into the questions, which expand our ability to communicate about Reconnective Healing and become more globally recognized.

This is your invitation. This is your choice.

We hope you will take advantage of our Alumni Offer which has been emailed to you. If you have not yet received it, please email us at We will be very happy to see you!



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