Ruud den Turk

My name is Ruud den Turk and I was born in 1956 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. When I was 18 years old I went as an A.B. seaman to sail on ocean going tugs. After 18 years of sailing all over the world as a Mate and a Chief Mate, I decided to come onshore. Since 1992, I am working in the office of the same company I was working for as a Chief Mate. After a few different functions, I am now working on the IT department as a Senior Oracle Application Engineer.

In 2007, The Reconnection found me. In September I attended the lecture from Eric. I was moved. From that moment on I only wanted to work with Reconnective Healing. In October 2007 I did the level I/II and level III training. And I started to work with the frequencies with various, but mostly wonderful results.

In June 2008, I attended the Practitioner Mentor Course and did my first training program as a TA (Teaching Assistant) in training. This was really a great experience. The most beautiful thing was to see the people leave on Sunday evening with a big smile on their face because they know now that it is real.

In October 2008 I was certified as a TA and now I am working as a TA with training programs all over Europe. In 2009 for instance in: Stockholm, Rimini (Italy), London, Antwerp, Helsinki, Madrid and Oslo. At home I have a practice for clients and I do mentor sessions for practitioners who attended Level I/II or Level III.

My goal is to help as many people as possible to help them heal themselves.

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