Six Phrases for Living a Reconnected Life

It cannot be denied that Reconnective Healing made quite an auspicious entrance when an unsuspecting chiropractor by the name of Eric Pearl first noticed that something extraordinarily profound was happening in his office. One by one, without explanation, his patients were demonstrating remarkable healings when he simply held his hands near them. Healings that were preceded by observations of these patients demonstrating involuntary muscle movements, reporting the perception of unique sounds, fragrances, and colors, and sensing the presence of others in the room when no one else was there. But perhaps the most unexpected and extraordinary occurrence of them all was the channeled six phrases repeatedly uttered by dozens of his patients. Six phrases that were clearly intended to provide insight into the significance of what was taking place.

Since that time, these six phrases have been passed on to each new group of foundational practitioners of Reconnective Healing for consideration and contemplation. As one of those practitioners, I have often reflected on these phrases, seeking to unearth the wisdom contained within them.

We are here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing…

What you are doing is bringing light & information onto the planet…

What you are doing is reconnecting strands…

What you are doing is reconnecting strings…

You must know that you are a master…

We’ve come because of your reputation…

Through my journey as a practitioner of Reconnective Healing and into my role as mentor and instructor, I have used these messages as reminders of the important role we play as facilitators of this work. But like the work itself, there is an unfolding evolution at play and I have begun to contemplate a broader understanding of these words.

It was at first believed that these were messages for Eric. Then we began to understand that they were meant for all practitioners who stepped into the role of Reconnective Healing facilitator. So now I ask you, what if these words were meant for all of humanity to recognize its collective role in the dawn of a new era of consciousness? As I began to ponder this, I realized the importance of these messages as potential guiding lights on our path to an expanded awareness of who we are! So let’s take a closer look and wonder together.

“We are here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing…”

Reconnective Healing, at its core, is about human evolution and life progress. We could look at this first phrase as a message of recognition and validation that we have begun our transformation towards an existence of higher consciousness and awareness and are being encouraged to not waiver. An invitation, perhaps, to continue to step fearlessly forward in our lives, recognizing that we came forth to continue a purposeful journey. So let us remember that our own evolution is propelled by our forward progress that can only be maintained if we are willing to persist!

“What you are doing is bringing light and information onto the planet…” 

We know that through Reconnective Healing we are accessing a broader, more coherent spectrum of light as we interact within the infinite field of information that surrounds us. But let’s take a step even further back and begin to recognize that, as we live life fully conscious of our truth as non-local, eternal beings, we shine a light on conscious living itself! Perhaps this second phrase is our reminder to be the light that inspires others to shine their own light, a recognition that, by doing so, we are bringing forth a higher level of consciousness on the planet while simultaneously illuminating the way for others to do the same.

“What you are doing is reconnecting strands…”

The strands of our own DNA contain the encoded information that we express through our physical, local existence in human form. Until recently, science had believed that we were enslaved by our genetic blueprints and destined to live out this predisposition. Now, through developments in the emerging field of epigenetics, we have learned that our thoughts, beliefs, and focused attention can greatly influence the ways in which are genes impact our life experience. Through multiple research studies, we also now know that Reconnective Healing can literally restructure the composition of DNA. When we consider the concept of “reconnecting strands” in this third phrase, perhaps we are being reminded that our fate is never sealed and that we continue to hold the key to unlocking and activating the unlimited possibilities held within our genetic code, possibilities that include a healthy physical form, a balanced mental and emotional continuum, and a life of joy and abundance.

“What you are doing is reconnecting strings…”

The concept of “reconnecting strings” is often associated with “String Theory,” a conceptual model within quantum physics describing the interconnected, multi-dimensional nature of our universe. When we interact within a Reconnective Healing exchange we understand that we are reaching beyond our four-dimensional time-space bubble and accessing our multi-dimensionality, a process that reconnects us to the supportive network of vibrational frequencies that support and maintain balance and harmony. So what if we were to consistently acknowledge our multi-dimensionality and live from this new awareness? Perhaps this fourth phrase is our reminder to stay conscious of our indivisible connection to one another, our existence as spiritual beings, and our role as a part of a greater multifaceted whole. To do so on a daily basis would fill us with a sense of our divine worthiness, purpose, and mutual respect for others as reflections of ourselves.

“You must know that you are a master…”

One of the most profound gifts received by those learning Reconnective Healing is the awareness that our mastery is already inherent within us. In fact, it is our understanding of this fundamental truth that allows us to facilitate healing in its highest form. Through Reconnective Healing we transcend the false belief that we must “master” a healing approach and instead we become the healing itself. So let us now consider the gifts of living from this new vantage point. The concept is not a new one. Throughout the ages, some of the most revered spiritual guides and masters from Jesus to Buddha have urged us to recognize the inherent worth and divine nature that exists within all of us. Perhaps in this fifth phrase we are once again being reminded that our power and worthiness is our birthright. So our task then is not to seek those things that would give us worth and lead to mastery, but instead to own our mastery and step boldly into our own light.

“We’ve come because of your reputation…”

It is almost impossible to deny that we are living in a time of great spiritual awakening and many have acknowledged a “shift” that continues to take place in human consciousness on this planet. It is widely believed that Reconnective Healing is a manifestation of our accelerated evolution brought about by this shift. Perhaps, as this sixth phrase suggests, there existed a pre-knowledge within the universe that our role in human history was to bring this new level of healing forward at this time, our reputation preceding us, “so to speak.” But let us consider a personal application of this concept within our daily lives. What if, right now, we consciously chose to define our reputation and legacy on this planet, as we desired, and then lived from those definitions. Creating our way of life from this broad vantage point and perspective would offer unlimited opportunities to be the author of our own story and to determine our own destiny.

The six phrases that were spoken not so long ago continue to fill us with wonder and, as I’ve suggested, may still have gifts to offer. So as we reflect on the bigger picture and contemplate their application to our lives, let us remember to persist in our efforts to raise the consciousness of this planet as we shine our light and inspire others to do the same. Let us break free from the perceived limitations of our genetic code and remember that we are multi-dimensional beings inextricably connected to one another and to the fabric of the universe itself. And finally, may we all stand in the truth of our inherent worthiness and divinity as we create a legacy of our choosing, one reflective of our highest ideals and hopes for humanity.

By Rob Koenig
Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner &  
Teaching Team Member

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