Healing Stories From Eric Pearl

The Road Home

“As time passed, medical tests continued to confirm my miraculous recovery.”

In September of 1991, my wife and I were blessed with a baby boy. The following month, I was in the hospital getting a total thyroidectomy. I had thyroid cancer.

I was in excellent physical condition prior to surgery, so I recovered rapidly and I immediately went back to work as a self-employed contractor. As the days and weeks passed, the thought of having cancer would occasionally surface. Being a new father, however, I quickly forgot any of those concerns. I healed completely and continued to work as if nothing had ever happened.

For He Is The Light And They Shine Through Him

“My condition is not just in remission; I have been completely healed.”

About eight years ago I started to feel as if I had a chronic case of the flu. I had headaches, stomach pains, and my joints and body ached all the time. Some days the pain was more intense than others, but the feeling of being ill was constant. I had no appetite. Eating–just swallowing–caused me great pain. My weight dropped to 87 pounds.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. My symptoms were so severe that many of the doctors who examined me thought that I had other complications as well. This led to a variety of painkillers. Since I was allergic to most of them, my doctors were constantly switching me from one medication to another.

An Angel In My Kitchen

“Even after the last angel left, I continued to reach new levels in my energy, my health and the overall quality of my life.”

It is difficult for me to know where to begin my story. This has been a long road with many twists and turns.

I was 30 years old and the mother of a very beautiful, very healthy and very active eighteen-month-old boy. I had a job that I thoroughly enjoyed and a husband who was loving, caring and supportive. I had all the basics of a good and happy life. When I look back on that time, I remember feeling that my life could not have been better. I was, like most people, blissfully flowing along in the denial of our common fate. A denial that was somehow essential to my peace of mind. I never thought about mortality in a serious way. Little did I know that my reality was about to change — almost as abruptly as if I had crashed into a brick wall while traveling at 90 miles an hour.

Miracle on Melrose Place

“I had experienced a happiness I never knew was possible.”

I met Dr. Pearl on October 3, 1994, a day that forever changed my life.

I was born with a birth defect. Upon entering the world, the doctor cut my umbilical cord too early. I didn’t breathe for a period of time, my skin turned purple and the doctors panicked. As a result of this trauma, a portion of my brain stopped functioning and the right side of my body from my waist down did not develop correctly. My right leg was several inches shorter than my left; as well, my right hip was much higher in placement. Due to my deformity, I walked with an exaggerated limp, my right hip swinging outward with each step. Also, because of the difference in the lengths of my legs, I could not stand up straight. For balance, my right foot turned inward and rested on my left so that my two legs acted as one large leg to balance the weight of my upper body. To keep from falling, my back would hunch forward as if I were about to dive into a pool. This condition resulted in many back problems both as a child and young adult.

The Lady in the Garden

“I can do things now that I thought I would never be able to do again.”

At age 11, I awoke one morning in a panic. I was so hot that I couldn’t breathe well. As I reached up to wipe the sweat from my face, I realized that not only were my hands swollen to twice their size but my face and tongue were also. I could hardly see my mother standing in front of me for my eyes were almost swollen shut. She was trying to get me to take some medicine. Although this was not the first incident, this was the worst. My mom put me in the car and took me to the emergency room. I was so scared, I thought for sure I was going to die. Mom kept saying “Don’t worry honey, it’s going to be all right. We’re all here to take care of you.” She’s a registered nurse, it’s part of her job to soothe people. But it only got worse.

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