The Balinese Priest and Chronic Migraines

A practitioner of energy healing helps a woman with chronic migraines reconnect her life through Reconnective Healing.

I have met with Nyoman many times on my journeys to Bali. As well as renting chairs with umbrellas on the beach and selling beer for the obligatory ‘sunset drink’ Nyoman is the Balinese Priest in his nearby village. Instead of his usual overly cheery greeting at meeting again, he slowly sat up and said ‘Hello, long time no see” with a long sad face.

Nyoman explained to me that he had problems. His daughter Luh, who works for a large bank in Denpasar, had been having migraines for several years and they had become worse. She had recently been in hospital to have brain scans but the doctors said they could not find the problem and did not know how to help her. The family was very concerned about her health and her future.

I was invited for the first time to his home, which was up a small lane way just behind the beach. The doorway entrance looked different to the others, with special decorations and inside the traditional Balinese courtyard I felt a lovely clear and open energy. There were birds in cages hanging from trees, beautiful flowers and herbs that Nyoman explained that were used for his ceremonies. There were many rooms that were the bedrooms of his family, brothers and children of the brothers. There was a large day bed with ceremonial bowls and items for his morning prayers held early each day.

Luh showed up just after we arrived and told me that she was very unhappy. I asked her if she would like me to do some Reconnective Healing and had her lay down on one of the day beds. At the end of the 30 minute session she said she had been asleep, but had also been awake, and she didn’t understand this. She said she didn’t feel or notice much else, although looked at me in a strange way, as if she was not really sure what had just happened. She still had her migraine at that time.

A few days later I was sitting in my open air hotel room when one of the hotel staff came running through the garden yelling “Mrs Julie, you have a visitor, it’s the Priest!”

It was Nyoman, dressed all in white with ceremonial rice on his 3rd eye and ear lobes. I was shocked at how different he looked to the outfit he wears while selling beer on the beach! He told me that things had now taken an unexpected turn for him: his daughter Luh had announced that she wanted to get married and that evening the boy’s family were coming to meet with Nyoman to discuss plans for the ceremony!

This had now created another problem, a wedding is very expensive! Nyoman started to explain some of his financial problems and how he may have to sell his home. I started to feel a little responsible thinking ‘what have I done?’ I then thought about the seminar I had taken where it was explained that it is not me doing the healing and that we have to trust that it will unfold in the perfection of god/love/universe with whatever is appropriate for that person. I cannot claim responsibility if a person does have a healing or if a person does not have the healing that they expect. This was definitely not what anyone had expected! I had to let it go. I left Bali not really knowing if I had helped or not.

On my next visit 10 months later I was greeted very differently than last time. Nyoman and his Wife Noni came running to me at the beach and proudly announced their daughter Luh was now very happily married and had a baby boy two weeks ago. We made arrangements to visit them in a village about 20 minutes drive away. Luh was living in the home of her husband’s family, as is the tradition in Bali.

Luh was very excited to see us and show me her baby who she named Putu. She said ‘Julie, I have to tell you something. I have not had migraines since the day after the healing session with you, except for just one day which was the day before my marriage ceremony!”

I felt privileged to be asked to hold the baby and was able to take photos. I will probably never understand what her healing had been about and I have to be OK with that. Luh was no longer having migraines and she was happy.

-Julie Jara.

Luh, Bank Officer, Bali, Indonesia 2007


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By Julie Jara
Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner 

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