The Beauty Within Chaos

How many times have you said: “I’m lost” or “my life is in total chaos”?

According to Forbes, if your answer is “zero,” you are either less than 11 years old, or you belong to a very tiny niche of 0.5% of people. Most of us have indeed experienced what is called “the drift syndrome,” a sense of internal confusion that brings us to a place where we can’t figure out which direction to take in life.

When we experience that, we either begin to feel frustrated about our existence, or we take random actions and send resumes to every company we can possibly think of, putting up a fight for our new place under the sun.

But the real question is, how can we get lost if we don’t know the destination yet, and what is the right route for us anyway?

I believe the only way for me to get lost is realizing that I am not on the path I was planning in the first place.

In my own world, and in my personal way of living, I truly think that when chaos knocks on the door, instead of slamming the door with fear and anxiety, and instead of immediately trying to fix the situation, we’re better off doing the opposite and welcoming it. We should embrace chaos in our experience, trust that this is only enhancing our life as a wonderful driving force that the universe is providing for a new seed to grow and blossom within us.

If we look at the scientific aspect of chaos, it is related to one of the most important laws of physics that govern our universe, The Law of Entropy. Entropy can be understood as the measure of disorder within a macroscopic system. Therefore the Law of Entropy shows the tendency of all matter and energy within the universe to naturally move into a state of maximum disorder. For a more literal understanding, let’s imagine children entering a large empty room. After a while, all the children will probably be running and jumping all around the room, rather than staying in one corner. The same is true for the particles that form to make what we call our universe; they tend to disperse in the most chaotic way possible.

After learning the Law of Entropy, its important to acknowledge that if we were to observe the wonders of the Universe we would also notice that there is an extremely high level of organization in it. Think about it… if the Earth were only few degrees further from the sun or if our atmospheric layer was slightly thinner, life would not be possible at all. According to the scientific journal Nature, if our cells were created by a sequence of statistically random events we would need much more than a few billion years for the tiniest molecule to be born.

How can such a highly organized entity be run by a “chaotic” law of physics?

The reason why we perceive this as a mere paradox comes from our habit of giving linear explanations and logical reasons to something that truly is multidimensional and quite difficult to perceive in its wholeness.

If we think about any type of isolated system, like a chemical reaction or our biological processes or even our entire cosmos, a higher level of disorder means a higher level of freedom. It means a greater opportunity to seek, investigate, and explore. That’s why the Universe relies on the law of entropy as a subtle creative force that allows it to evolve to a new and higher level of balance, harmony and coherence. On the contrary, order is a static state of being, a compact design with no opportunity to reach a new and more profound equilibrium.

So if the Universe that we live in evolves through the Law of Entropy, why do we fight chaos instead of rejoicing and acknowledging it as our biggest ally?

The task then becomes to recognize that the Beauty of Chaos comes to our life as a benevolent fairy who only wants our next metamorphosis to occur. When we fully embrace this simple yet important concept, we suddenly stop analyzing what our next obstacle to overcome is, and we stop striving for a more prestigious place in our society. We begin to trust unconditionally in that higher intelligence that has guaranteed balance for eons. In trusting, we begin practicing the sacred art of observation, which allows us to step back from attachments, and release our doubts. And by doing so, we are able to simply witness the most spontaneous and genuine evolution of our life path.

Surrendering to our natural, or rather, our super-natural state, is such a simple process that we often forget to do it. We tend to believe that there must be more complex laws and rules to follow. When we live with certainty in an environment of uncertainty, trusting that every single circumstance we face is perfectly designed for our greatness to unfold, we allow ourselves, and our cells to become the highest version of who we truly are.

So the next time you feel lost or you think your life is in chaos, celebrate and be grateful! This is an evident sign that the next step of your Life Progress is about to come into your existence. What a blessing indeed.

By Marco Nunzio Alati
Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner &  
Teaching Team Member

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