When we incarnate into the flesh, we check our “Truth,” our true identity, at the door. This separation from our true identity could be considered the price of admission into this earthly experience. As newborns, infants, toddlers and children, we are totally dependent, yet infinitely wise. We instinctively know that our survival depends on love. We adapt to the needs of our caretaker(s) to ensure that our needs are met. We learn and become “that” person, which we believe we need to be, in order to receive love and approval. We construct our lives based on the illusion of “that” person’s limitations.

Our true identity becomes a lost and forgotten treasure, waiting to be rediscovered and reclaimed.

Coming into this world as non-verbal sponges, we absorb, learn and assimilate what we witness and what we are taught. In a sense, we are hypnotized into believing that we are something or someone other than our Truth. What is this Truth, in whose absence we feel an empty hole, thereby filling it with anything and everything in hopes of fulfillment? Our true identity is the unrealized object of our search.

Accepting a belief in good and evil colors our lives, our perspectives, and our experiences. We have been taught to rely on our five senses for information, which then becomes a testament to support our illusions of separation; separation from each other, separation from nature, and separation from our Creator. We grow up and go about our lives unconsciously collecting evidence to support our beliefs, and the evidence is there! It’s there because we misuse our minds, and we recreate the contents of our unconscious beliefs. For example, when a child is raised in an environment of punishment, the imprint of punishment becomes unconscious; being considered normal behavior. The child may grow up to be a “good person,” yet the adult may unconsciously act out his or her beliefs that everyone deserves to suffer for their mistakes, that those “others” brought their misfortunes on themselves, and to cut them any slack or offer any compassion is to reinforce their weaknesses. The adult looks around and everywhere he or she looks, “others” are seen to deserve their burdens. Without divine intervention, those beliefs are then passed on to the next generation. There are an infinite number of themes and variations, beneficial and harmful, to the beliefs that we adopted in childhood.

Life is in progress and, unlike those before, one doesn’t need to suffer through years of therapy, or self-examination, to shed the heavy energies that may have previously weighed on an individual. Thanks to Reconnective Healing®, a person can lighten up more easily and quickly than ever before.

With Reconnective Healing, individuals naturally vibrate at a higher level of light, and that which doesn’t resonate with the higher frequencies of light, falls away…

In the past, it seemed much easier to live a quiet, unfulfilled life, than to navigate through an internal landscape looking for a hidden treasure that could seem like a mythological goal. But now, the unfulfilled aren’t so quiet. Many people are acting out the anger and rage of unfulfillment. Looking around, it is easy to witness unfulfillment revealing itself. The discontentment in this world is obvious.

Things and situations can become very exaggerated when they are about to shift. For some, the exaggeration can feel quite scary and trigger a deep sense of powerlessness. This compounds the situation because the more fearful a person becomes, the more reactive are their actions. For others, there is an awareness of that which is occurring that appearances do not reveal; a transformation of consciousness and an expansion of awareness, individually and collectively. As the famous inventor, physicist, and futurist Nikola Tesla stated many years ago, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” The secret is within you, because You are the universe. As an expression of Divine Consciousness, the universe is in you. Reconnective Healing is considered by the scientific community to be the mechanism for the transformation and expansion of consciousness because it encompasses a new bandwidth of frequencies that heretofore have not been accessible.

Reconnective Healing’s frequencies of light and information are available everywhere, at all times, and in great abundance.  There are no negative side effects to working, receiving, and interacting with the frequencies of Reconnective Healing. The only thing one has to lose is that which is no longer serving their highest good, a false identity. Reconnective Healing is the means by which one can rediscover and reclaim that which was left behind so many years ago: one’s true identity. Whether one looks to science or spirituality, we are beings of light and information. We are each an individual expression of Consciousness; of God, of Light, of this amazing Life that we share with one another. When we realize our true identity, we also realize the true identity of our family members, our friends, our perceived neighbors and even our enemies.

Higher consciousness reveals that the only enemy, the only battlefield, is in one’s own consciousness. It is with this realization that we put away our swords and recognize our Self in each other.

With Reconnective Healing we are being offered a gift, a means to rediscover and reclaim our Divine birthright. Like children who have been conditioned to doubt and fear, many are too skeptical to open the gift, fearing that it may be a prank, a scam, a diversion of some sort. Others who are more curious, daring, or even desperate are willing to suspend their disbelief and open this gift of more Life, offered by Reconnective Healing. Don’t wait any longer for you, for the real YOU, to be revealed.

Flow forward!

By Nikki Cox
Reconnective Healing
Foundational Practitioner &
Teaching Team Member

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