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Dr. Eric Pearl
& Jillian Fleer

The Reconnection proudly announces Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer’s new book! In its pages, you’ll discover how your most intimate and comprehensive healing experience takes place through Reconnective Healing®. Science supports it straightforwardly through simple quantum physics and insights into our non-dual reality. With enjoyable, easy-to-follow exercises at the end of each chapter, you will become the ultimate catalyst for subtle and epic changes in your life and the lives of others, all without time-consuming practice or complex techniques. You will be astounded by its sheer simplicity. The Direct Path to Healing gives you the keys to the best-kept secret you will ever unveil: a happy, loving, healthy, and healed you! 

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about Reconnective Healing®

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Over the past three decades The Reconnection has shed a new light on the essence of healing. Undeniably,  Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnective Healing Experience™ (RHE),  have redefined both what healing is and how it is received. The RHE has shown us how our direct awareness connects us to the essence of healing itself. Moreover, it gives us a healing experience available to everyone and not limited to the physical, mental, emotional, or religious: it is infinite. Additionally, it is devoid of tools, steps or rituals to follow. In brief,  Reconnective Healing® is the direct path to healing.

Upcoming Events & Trainings

Rambouillet, France
The Catalyst – Level II in English & French
Rambouillet, France
December 18-19
Athens Greece City View
The Catalyst - Level II in English & Greek
Athens, Greece
February 18-19
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Learn Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® is an easy-to-learn, elegant approach to healing and personal transformation. Our training programs are divided into three levels, so you may grow at your own pace.


The Portal – Level I offers 8+ hours of online learning, divided into short and engaging segments. It covers the science and the philosophy of Reconnective Healing® as well as 16 effective exercises to engage with these healing frequencies. Level I is for anyone wishing to learn how to heal themselves and their loved ones.

The Catalyst  – Level II, available to those who have completed Level I, offers an intense, in-person training experience. This program is ideal for those who want to evolve a deeper relationship with these healing frequencies as well as those who seek to become professional practitioners.

The O.N.E.  (Observe – Notice – Experience) Bundle offers both Level I and Level II at a special price. Select from our ample selection of in-person training locations* around the world and immerse yourself in the Reconnective Healing Experience™!


The RCCP (Reconnection-Certified Practitioners Program) – Level III is reserved for those who have chosen the professional path after completing their Level II. Level III is offered in person around the world.* Our students learn how to facilitate the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a Personal Reconnection, a sought-after service they can add to their practice.