We invite you to IGNITE with us in 2019 at The Reconnection's first-ever
Alumni event!


Why We Created This Event

Many of you have expressed a deep yearning to know each other and to come together to continue your journey. There has never before been an opportunity after your training to connect and continue your growth together. We have heard your call and we want to introduce you to your community!

We have created the first-ever opportunity for all of us to come together to experience meaningful connections with one another as well as opportunities to reconnect and reveal deeper layers of growth and healing as individuals and as a community.

We created this event for YOU - because you are the heart and soul of Reconnective Healing and we are in deep gratitude for your extraordinary receivership of this infinite healing intelligence. Join us as we come together for our first-ever alumni gathering, hosted at the beautiful Palm Springs Riviera Resort & Spa!




 We have created an incredible palette of topics to dive into over these three days. Expect inspiration, fun, laughter, joy, and community. Come and see the faces of your family that you haven’t met yet!

This weekend is dedicated to revealing new possibilities, facilitating your expansion into the next level of everything in your life, and coming together for the first time as global alumni from all over the world to create a connected community living with the RH frequencies.

Experience groundbreaking lectures, experiential breakout sessions, Reconnective Yoga, RH with kids, RH with animals, the latest science and research, healing sessions, special topics, strategies in building a RH practice, meet-ups and social receptions, excursions to beautiful places and spaces nestled in Palm Springs… and hugs, laughter and play!



To Attending IGNITE

img1. Reveal new insights and possibilities for your life

Come to this Alumni weekend and be exposed to many different Reconnective Healing mentors and leaders and their collection of life-changing messages and ideas. What new possibilities will you uncover? What life-enhancing wisdom will you discover? What soul-empowering insights are waiting to help you experience greater joy, peace and fulfillment? Attend this event and find out… and see how your life shifts as a result.

“To see beyond what we see and know beyond what we think we know.”
– Eric Pearl



2. Reconnect and Remember

From the moment you tapped into Reconnective Healing, something in you was captured... and it has never gone away.

There are things you have shared with each other... you have revealed your soul to and with one another.

There is a sense of belonging that becomes the permanent essence of who you have become in your knowingness. You are never alone.

We created this weekend to IGNITE that remembrance!



3. Experience Connection and Community

Let’s Ignite the Reconnective Healing community with a weekend of new connections and friends! There is a powerful resonance and collective energy that happens when we gather together in shared community. Something happens when there are connections that are face to face, heart to heart, and soul to soul. We share support and strength with each other. Hearts open, minds relax, and there is a wonderful feeling of love and unity.

Our workshops and presentations will be experiential and interactive so you don’t just listen, but you also get to interact and share with each other in a safe and supportive environment.



Presentation And Workshop Topics

Our selection of talented presenters, leaders, and healers will host workshops and presentations on a wide variety of topics. We’ll have keynote presentations where we will all come together to hear special messages from Eric Pearl, Jillian Fleer, and a special Solomon experience!

We will also have many breakout presentations and workshops ... and the best part is that you get to choose which sessions you would like to attend so you can tailor the weekend to your interests and needs.

Here are some of some of the many topics that will be offered. We will be adding more topics and details as we finalize our presenters and schedule.



Reconnective Healing and Manifestation


The Wisdom of Solomon


Daily Reconnective Yoga


The Practitioner's Journey


New Science and Research!


Secrets to Building a Successful RH Practice


Meditation with the RH Frequencies


Reconnective Kids


Reconnective Animals


The Creation of a Holistic Wellness Center


Near Death Experiences and Reconnective Healing


Becoming an Effective RH Presenter and Speaker



April 05, 2019 - 4:00 PM  to April 07, 2019 - 7:00 PM


The Riviera Palm Springs Resort & Spa
1600 North Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
United States


Special hotel room rates have been arranged for participants of this event. To reserve your hotel room, please visit:


Community Excursions

We are planning excursions where you will be able to enjoy activities in Palm Springs with other Reconnective Healing Alumni. The excursions will begin Friday morning on April 5th and will end at various times. They will all be finished in time for you to attend the first session of the IGNITE weekend. Details, prices, and how to sign up will be posted here shortly, so check back for more information.

  •    • Palm Springs Tram Ride and Lunch -
  •    • Historic Walking Tour
  •    • Culinary Tour
  •    • Canyon Jeep and Hiking Tour



And if you need one more reason to join us, consider this…

In our busy modern world it’s easy to feel like life is speeding by. We can let stress, doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs extinguish our passion and keep us stuck. We long for expansion and want to share our gifts and contribute to a better world.

At this event you’ll have sacred, uninterrupted time to reconnect with your higher self, learn new things, connect with like-minded people, and reconnect to the knowingness within you.

Attend this weekend and say YES to expanding your perspective, healing, sharing your gifts, and stepping up as a conscious contributor in this world. Empower yourself to become who you want to BE, to live how you want to LIVE, and to CONTRIBUTE in a way that only you can.

When you attend this event, you’re investing in spiritual knowledge and practical tools that will enhance your life - forever. You’re investing in your happiness, peace, and prosperity. You’re creating a connected community that is a powerful force for good in this world.

These things are priceless