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Our mission and ethos recognizes our true nature as oneness, connection, knowingness, wonder and love in our interaction as community.

Instead of wandering and wondering, we are gathering! Together we will inspire and support one another, share our utmost inner quests, life progress, challenges and breakthroughs - each and every day! 

As RLC Subscribers, you have 24/7 access to volunteer L.I.F.E. Leaders, experienced Reconnective Healing Mentors and our fellow members - all through a Private Social Media Group. It's where you receive answers, insights, education, experience, expansion, empowerment and... love! Our daily interactions in the RLC are further enhanced by Weekly and Monthly Live Events with Dr Eric & Jillian - where they lead us through significant discussions, guide us into mutual understanding and raise our level of awareness. Come join us...

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Events for RLC Subscribers

"LIVE & Love with Dr Eric & Jillian" - Wednesdays

Weekly Live Get-Togethers in the RLC Private Social Media Group (~45 minutes)

Every Week the entire Reconnective Life Community (RLC) gathers for some quality time with Dr Eric & Jillian. We have members-only conversations about our philosophy, application and experiences surrounding Healing, the nature of the Reconnective Healing Intelligence/Frequencies, and the larger concept of Reconnecting to ourselves and to our Oneness. Each week the topical discussion is immediately followed by a breakout chat, in which our volunteer L.I.F.E. Leaders help the participants identify key takeaways from the week. However, on the Last Wednesday of every month we have a bonus session, and our "LIVE and Learn" is extended into an interactive Open Mic Q&A with Eric & Jillian - a chance to process and wrap-up the last four weeks of sharing as a team.

L&L Weekly Schedule
for Basic & All-Access Subscribers:
Every Wednesday at 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT / 9pm CET


"Zoom Mini-Retreats" - One Saturday per Month

Monthly Retreats in a Private Zoom Room (approximately 2 Hours each)

Every month All-Access Subscribers Attend a Mini Virtual Retreat with Dr. Eric, Jillian and Special Guests. Immerse yourself in different topics and life-changing themes. These Mini-Retreats will highlight small group breakout rooms to delve more deeply and merge into the frequencies as you experience another level of intimate conversation and sharing.




Mini-Retreat Schedule
Exclusively for All-Access Subscribers:
One Saturday per Month at 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT / 9pm CET


"Town Hall Q&A with E&J" - Monthly (Audio Only)

Monthly Live Get-Togethers in a Private Zoom Room (~1 hour)

Every month RLC All-Access Subscribers play an integral part in a progressive Town Hall Question and Answer (Q&A) Session with Dr Eric & Jillian. We'll dive deeply into what has come up for us in the last weeks - questions that puzzle us, notions that intrigue us, beliefs to be explored and challenges we’re experiencing. We'll talk healing, receivership, spirituality, life progress and so much more! This intimate time together will be whatever the RLC All-Access Subscribers want to make of it in a meaningful two-way audio exchange!

Q&A Monthly Schedule
Exclusively for All-Access Subscribers:
One Tuesday a Month at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT / 10pm CET

Solomon Study Group • Weekly Series

Access the inner essence of Solomon’s communications

Dr Eric & Jillian will host an in-depth exploration into the wisdom and guidance contained in Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life — by Dr Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov. Each week we will key in on a selected channeling and invite everyone into a group discussion. This is part of the expanded consciousness you are being asked to step into by Solomon, the RH Intelligence and the world. Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve read the book a dozen times or have never even opened it. If you don’t already have a copy, you can purchase yours here.

Solomon Schedule
Exclusively for All-Access Subscribers:
Every Wednesday at 9am PDT / 4pm EDT / 10pm CET