Margarita Alvarez

Professionally and personally I have followed 2 parallel paths, one as a Senior Telecommunications Engineer and another in various private entities on Education, Training and Sociocultural Animation. When I found The Reconnection, I realized that, in a simple and natural way, I was able to integrate the previous areas into deep aspects of the development of the Human Being and its energetic dimension as a more complete being. After all, telecommunications are based on the transmission of information through wave, sound and light frequencies; and education, training, in its origin, help the person to develop their abilities, give practical tools to their hopes and dreams and help them create their life. Reconnective Healing®, to me, is the form of healing that reaches beyond all that is known, the one with a foundation so elegantly simple that it helps us open up the infinite possibilities we have, the one that reminds me of what I have always stood for in the Human Being, its potential, and that helps me to see with a broader perspective, more in peace, from where everything becomes clear. And, above all, because it touches my heart.

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