We believe in being in fair financial exchange with our Partner Affiliates, who are spreading the word about Reconnective Healing.

Affiliates earn 33% commission on net sales of “The Portal” (RH Online Level I Course) when sold through their affiliate link to our website.

Commissions are calculated on a monthly basis at the end of each month.

Affiliates will be paid commission for the month, within 30 days.  

The following 2 payment options are available:

Paypal – (Formerly TransfeWise) ( is for International payouts only.)

Please email if there are any questions regarding payout amounts or payout types.

Yes! Your affiliate welcome email contains a coupon code of 15% off, that you can give to prospective clients.  This coupon code is only valid to be given out by registered Partner Affiliates – to clients, contacts, family, and friends – anyone with whom you communicate about Reconnective Healing.  This additional discount incentivizes your clients to use your Partner Affiliate link.  The coupon code can be shared one-on-one, by email, through your website, blog, social media, flyers, or any other marketing efforts you may dream up.

BUT, no matter how you use this discount coupon code, it should ALWAYS be given out in conjunction with your unique affiliate link, so that anything they purchase can be tracked back to you.  See your affiliate Welcome email for a reminder of your unique Partner Affiliate link and Partner Affiliate code.

As a Partner Affiliate, you have your unique, personalized Affiliate code (this can be found in your user profile at , and in your Partner Affiliate Welcome email).

Your Affiliate code will look something like this:


(this is not your affiliate code, this is just a sample, so please DO NOT USE IT)

Under “Settings” you may create your custom “Slug”. This is the information at the end of the URL. 

aff/” is what references you as an Affiliate.

You may select a special and easy slug to follow “aff/” and share with your clients: 

MySpecialCode (example)

The complete URL with the affiliate link is: 


You will take this code /aff/MySpecialCode/ and add it to the end of the url/address of any web page on our site – to make a unique, personalized combined Affiliate link, which you will share far and wide.

Though you can add it to any page address, the easiest way to use your affiliate code is to add it to the end of this specific landing page, which showcases The Portal, for which you can earn commission:

So your combined Affiliate link (the link you actually give out) will look something like this (but this one below is not your affiliate link, this is just a sample, so please DO NOT USE IT): 

(this is not your affiliate link, this is just a sample, so please DO NOT USE IT)

When potential clients visit through your Affiliate link, our system tracks any purchases they make and ensures that you receive credit for the work you do to promote Reconnective Healing courses.

**As a reminder, even though we use coupon codes to provide a discount, the coupon does not track sales. We use affiliate links to track sales, and if you give out a coupon code, you must also give the person your affiliate link (which includes your unique affiliate code)**


You can pick the url for ANY PAGE on our website, ADD your unique Affiliate Code to the end of that url, and then GIVE the new combined Affiliate Link to a potential customer.  Remember to also give them your coupon code.  For example, if you want to send them to the landing page for The Portal, to learn more… you would give them a link similar to the following (but this one below is not your affiliate link, this is just a sample, so please DO NOT USE IT): 

(this is not your affiliate link, this is just a sample, so please DO NOT USE IT)

When a customer visits one of the Affiliate Links that you give them, your Affiliate Code may seem to disappear from their browser address bar, and the address for the page will return to its normal url (without your code). But, DO NOT WORRY… the site/system will continue to track that you are the affiliate, quietly in the background.
If the customer reaches our site by clicking your Affiliate Link, or by pasting your Affiliate Link into their address bar, the site/system knows you are their Affiliate and will continue to maintain that connection to you throughout the customer’s visit. Even if your Affiliate Code does not continue to show in the URL, the system IS still tracking you as their Affiliate.
Even if your client goes to a different page on the website… Your Affiliate Link is STILL being tracked IN THE BACKGROUND. The system knows and remembers that the customer entered our site through your Affiliate Link, and it continues to keep you tied to the customer.
Once a customer visits one of your Affiliate Links (no matter which one), you will be credited with any sale that s/he makes during that session, regardless of what course or product they purchase.
For example, if you send a client to the About Reconnective Healing Page… but s/he decides to visit another page and ultimately buys The Portal… you will still receive credit for The Portal sale. Once the client visits the site through any Affiliate Link you give them, the customer will continue to be tracked as your contact (unless s/he exits their browser completely or restarts their computer) for up to 30 days after they first visit the website using your Affiliate Link.

If a prospective client does not use your unique Affiliate Link to visit the site, the sale will not automatically be assigned to you by the system.  

Unfortunately, we are not able to go back after a sale has been completed and re-assign sales to Affiliates retroactively. THE CUSTOMER MUST USE ONE OF YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS TO COME TO THE SITE!

Yes! You can always use a url-shortening service like, or  to create a shorter version of any Affiliate link. Even a shortened URL will pick up your Affiliate Code, as long as the original longer link you fed to the url-shortening service was a true, combined Affiliate Link (that included your unique Affiliate Code).

Students who order The Portal (RH Online Level I Course) can instantly begin watching their Course – the moment they purchase. Once a customer purchases a course, they will instantly see it on the “Courses” tab of their user profile at  They will also receive a special Welcome email for Portal students, which helps get them oriented to the Course.

The Portal is available for viewing with subtitles in the following languages:

  • Bulgarian
  • Czech
  • Croatian
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish

Yes!  For additional questions or comments about The Reconnection’s Partner Affiliate program, please email, and a Support team member will get back with you as quickly as possible.