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Allou Guthmiller R.N.

Allou Guthmiller RN is an international speaker with exceptional natural healing gifts. She was selected and successfully completed the advanced Practitioner Mentor and Teacher Development programs becoming one of the first few in the world to attain Associate Instructor distinction. With a focus on the harmonious balance and healing of the physical, spiritual, emotional and creative lives of her clients and students, Allou effectively combines her knowledge and skills with her gentle and supportive mentoring style, guiding and empowering individuals in accessing and living their full potential. This work takes one into a very sacred space where miraculous healings unfold; touching upon rich gratitude. Allou continuously expands and evolves her skills and level of expertise by traveling with Dr. Eric Pearl teaching this work. She offers Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, Practitioner Mentoring/Coaching and Refresher Classes. In addition, Allou conducts Private/Semi-Private level III classes, on how to facilitate The Reconnection. She travels worldwide to educate and to demonstrate this work. She invites you to schedule your Reconnective Healing appointment with her and your life will be forever changed.