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Pat Atanas

Pat Atanas is a popular teacher and motivator throughout the natural health field, and an expert in procedural efficiency. Over the past 30 years, she has helped hundreds of natural healthcare practitioners grow their practices worldwide. Having started her own consulting business in 1993, she quickly became one of the most sought-after presenters in the chiropractic field. After meeting Dr. Eric Pearl in 2004, she attended the Reconnective Healing Level I/II Training Program – to understand it, to help practitioners start their own practices, and to help others incorporate this work into their already existing practices. Learning “The Reconnection” soon followed. Pat quickly moved from Practitioner to Mentor, to Associate Instructor, and is now the Director of our Teaching Team & Practice Development programs. As the Lead Coach for our Mentor development program & Practitioner Learning Community (PLC), she is able to pass along her vast experience in management of her own practice, as well as her understanding of the unique challenges specific to our profession. Through the PLC & our personalized consulting services, all Practitioners can receive the same benefits and support that have helped so many others bring healing to their clients. Inquire about our programs that will help you build the practice of your dreams, or simply set the stage for you to begin with the very basics. Pat’s knowledge, as well as her invigorating teaching style, will give you steps that you can take to begin today, as well as ideas to plan for the future.