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Gabriele Bressem

As a natural health care practitioner, Gabriele has always been interested in alternative healing practices and has spent more than a decade experiencing various alternative healing modalities.
When she was introduced to Reconnective Healing®, she knew this was different, real and what she had been searching for.
Gabriele is amazed by the power and intelligence behind this work. She finds great joy in helping others to receive healing and to find balance. She enjoys watching their lives transform.
Gabriele shares this powerful work through individual healing sessions. She also introduces and demonstrates Reconnective Healing for different audiences.
As an Associate Instructor, she provides Semi-Private Level III seminars in addition to Mentoring, Coaching and Refresher Classes for other practitioners. She travels as a Teaching Assistant for The Reconnection helping others to obtain mastery of this work at seminars.
Gabriele recently founded the Reconnection Association of the German speaking countries. She designates all of her spare time in order to build a strong community of Reconnective Healing practitioners, who are able to touch as many people as possible with these powerful frequencies.