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Julie Jara

Julie has worked as a dynamic healer and spiritual consultant since 1984, helping people to unlock the natural intuition, sensitivity and awareness of the human body and mind.


She is a graduate Associate Instructor with The Reconnection – the international healing phenomenon pioneered by Dr. Eric Pearl. Julie has traveled with The Reconnection Teaching Team helping to bring this work to over 20 countries and is in full time practice at her clinic in Sydney, Australia.

Julie first experienced the Reconnective Healing frequency as a tingling sensation in her hands as she walked past Dr. Eric Pearl at a Festival in 2003. After just three sessions of Reconnective Healing she overcame a longstanding painful spinal condition immediately.

Since this experience, Julie and her clients have personally witnessed Reconnective Healing ‘miracles’ to mind, body and spirit as well as the accelerated appreciation of a true-life purpose brought about by The Reconnection experience.

It is with an immense sense of gratitude that Julie is able to over services that bring healing, inspiration and hope into people’s lives.