Certainty Of Family

By Nikki Cox

My relationship with certainty is one of knowing. My certainty of family, my knowingness of family, extends far beyond my biological family or the family that I inherited through marriage. I was born into a family of stagnation and limitation. Love was conditional. Guilt and shame was the legacy for the females. I had too much life in me to fit in. I remember feeling very hurt by my grandmother criticizing me for philosophizing. I lived in a world of possibilities...

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Have You Outgrown These Seven Healing “Must-Haves”?

By Ashley Lomelino

We are multidimensional beings, and our consciousness is expanding quickly. Perspectives that might have worked for us even a few years ago are now becoming outdated as we truly step into our power and our infinite selves. When it comes to healing, where we once needed steps, procedures, rituals, and techniques, we now see that these concepts are no longer required, nor are they necessarily even beneficial as we progress and evolve!

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