Is Reconnective Healing Mere Imagination?

Is Reconnective Healing Mere Imagination?

A Harvard study showed that we are only able see about 4% of what exists in the universe with our physical eyes. The rest is invisible to the human eye. This lays the foundation for a number of people to proclaim the invisible as non-existent, spooky or mere imagination.

This goes hand in hand with the now obsolete belief that 98% of the human DNA is so called junk DNA. In fact, we know today that these 98% are everything else but junk.

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A Doctor’s Energy Healing Journey

By Miguel Fraguas Poole, MD

One man’s surprising transition from doctor to Professional Reconnective Healing practitioner.

After 20 years practicing Medicine as a family doctor (in Madrid, in Collado-Villalba, in Carrowbawn - a rural village in the West of Ireland - and in Holywood - very close to Belfast), and, even working with the best holistic medical system that I know, Anthroposophical Medicine, while the health and satisfaction of my patients were constantly increasing, my own was deteriorating more and more.

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The Balinese Priest And Chronic Migraines

By Julie Jara

A practitioner of energy healing helps a woman with chronic migraines reconnect her life through Reconnective Healing.

I have met with Nyoman many times on my journeys to Bali. As well as renting chairs with umbrellas on the beach and selling beer for the obligatory ‘sunset drink’ Nyoman is the Balinese Priest in his nearby village. Instead of his usual overly cheery greeting at meeting again, he slowly sat up and said ‘Hello, long time no see” with a long sad face.

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Allow Yourself

By Donna Costa

It was the first day of the year. Three hours into the New Year.

The party was over. The revelers had all gone to sleep.

The moon was full and truly did give the luster of midday on the breast of snow.

Finally, I was alone with the quiet. (Broken only by the sounds of my husband’s snoring. Alas, so much for the romance of writing by moonlight.)

An hour ago, I longed for sleep. Now, I was unable to drop into that blessed release.

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