Allow Yourself

By Donna Costa

It was the first day of the year. Three hours into the New Year.

The party was over. The revelers had all gone to sleep.

The moon was full and truly did give the luster of midday on the breast of snow.

Finally, I was alone with the quiet. (Broken only by the sounds of my husband’s snoring. Alas, so much for the romance of writing by moonlight.)

An hour ago, I longed for sleep. Now, I was unable to drop into that blessed release.

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The Apparition – A Healing Story

By Ashley Lomelino

On December 7th, 2017 The Reconnection team received an email request from a woman named Maria asking for a healing session for her daughter Marina. She had written to us asking to have a session with Dr. Pearl, and we replied letting her know that he rarely offers personal sessions to people, however that she should look to our online Directory for a local practitioner. Below is the letter that we received on Dec 18th days after our reply to her…

Dear Reconnection Team, On Dec. 7,

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Certainty Of Family

By Nikki Cox

My relationship with certainty is one of knowing. My certainty of family, my knowingness of family, extends far beyond my biological family or the family that I inherited through marriage. I was born into a family of stagnation and limitation. Love was conditional. Guilt and shame was the legacy for the females. I had too much life in me to fit in. I remember feeling very hurt by my grandmother criticizing me for philosophizing. I lived in a world of possibilities...

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Moving Beyond The Familiar!

By Nikki Cox

Having spent a month wandering, camping and driving through the National Forests of Colorado, I was experiencing sensual delight. The various landscapes sometimes seemed other worldly. At times, I could feel my own inner boundaries dissolving as I merged into the vastness of unending beauty. The Rocky Mountain National Park was to be the pinnacle of our Colorado experience before moving on into Wyoming.

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