5 Star Reconnective Healing Practice

5 Star Reconnective Healing Practice – Adam B. Teipel

Why is having a 5 Star RH practice important to a RH practitioners’ life, career, health, relationships and our greater society?
I will share a personal story that illustrates having a practice that doesn’t fully embody 5 Star professional practice management principals & the struggles
.I will also share the mindset that helped me deal with it.

The Top 5 Specific Areas to Focus on to Create 5-Star RH Practices and Deliver the Highest Level of Client Experience (the following listed main topics all have a minimum of 3 sub-topics that I dive deeper into in my new format)

  • Getting the Word (how to relate so people book appointments)
  • Receiving the Client into your Practice
  • Establishing Appropriate Rapport
  • Royal Treatment
  • Follow Up and Referrals

I will:

  • dive deeper into each specific area with specific concepts, takeaways, and/or steps they should take to improve in these areash
  • highlight time permitting where they may screw up, get lost, or get disappointed, and how they can deal with that well.
  • provide a case study selected (based on the attendee interaction) that really illustrates what I have been explaining in this model.
  • have a practice checklist tool ready to be distributed to the attendees.


[Transcript]  Hi everybody, this is Adam Teipel coming to you from sunny San Diego, California. I hope your 2019 is off to a great start and you're feeling a tremendous amount of abundance, prosperity, and joy in your lives. Hey, I'm really excited about the upcoming Reconnective Healing IGNITE Event that we're all going to be a part of in Palm Springs, California here coming up this April. I want to share with you that when I first heard about this I wanted to contribute in some way and I also realized that it was a great opportunity for me to see so many of you that I've met over the last 18 years that I've been facilitating this work and the last 17 years that I've been traveling internationally with the Teaching Team and sharing the stage with Eric and Jillian and the other Associate Instructors. It just warms my heart to know that we've got a place coming up in the next few months that we're all going to be able to reconnect, see each other and share our experiences, share the transformations we've seen in our own lives and the lives of all those other people that we've been able to be a part of as facilitators and IGNITING that spark within them. I really look forward to seeing you all there and part of my contribution. I want to share with while you're there, is I'd love to share with you the trials, tribulations, the experiences and the lessons learned over the last 18 years as a practitioner I've been blessed enough and fortunate enough to have facilitated healing sessions in a myriad of types of practice settings. First of all, while I've been traveling on the road with the team, in hotels in a seminar training room setting in the hotels themselves to keep it a professional setting. In addition, I've been a co-owner of a Concept Salon and Spa and I've had my practice out of there where I also facilitated RCPP Evolution Events and at other times in my career I've had the opportunity to be part of a Wellness Collective wherein that Wellness Collective. We were in a central location with multiple rooms where other practitioners like chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other healers were able to have a community-based approach that was a rental-type of situation with a central nervous system and one receptionist and my personal favorite is my home-based practice where I still continue to see clients from all over the world that come in for Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection and Coaching. Now over the time that I've had these practices I've learned various lessons. I've learned what NOT to do. What TO do. I've also learned certain pitfalls and I've learned a lot of best practices. So, what I've put together for you when you come to the event in Palm Springs is a presentation that's going to more of an interactive format where I'm going to bring to you how to create a 5-Star Healing Practice. You know when I say 5-Star Healing Practice what I really mean is we look at spas, salons and hotels that are ranked as 4 and 5-Stars. There is a reason for that, because they have taken the time to look at all of the little details that make the experience of that person that is in that setting like a royal experience for them. Now, I've worked with outside consultants I've taken all the best practices, I know and I've put it into a simple format to help you create a 5-Star Reconnective Healing Practice for your clients, and one of the reasons is because, along the way, I recognize that not only do we from our perspective have the journey of the practitioner and we're all experiencing what it is to be a healing practitioner especially with Reconnective Healing which is really a different paradigm than other types of healers. Now, I also recognize in parallel to that. There is the journey of the client and these people want to be taken care o, they want to be able to come in and feel some level of retreat a level of safety a level of reconnection and renewal and I've put together a format that I want to share with you on how to create that experience for each and every one of your clients moving forward. It'll be super simple super easy and I'll give you checklists and experiential goal-setting techniques to Best Practices. So, I hope you can join me in Palm Springs and come listen to my talk about a 5-Star Reconnective Healing Practice. Look forward to Reconnecting and IGNITING our practices to the next level!