The Frequencies of HOME - Journey of Personal Transformation

The Frequencies of Home - Journey of Personal Transformation

An exploration of the similarities of Near-Death Experiences, Spiritually Transformative Experiences, and Reconnective Healing with Joan Fowler.


[Transcript]  Hello Reconnective Healing animals and alumni! My name is Joan Fowler and I'm an Associate Instructor with The Reconnection, and I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to our first ever Alumni Event called IGNITE. From the 5 through 7 of April, in Palm Springs California. We have some super events lined up for the weekend including Reconnective Healing with animals, Reconnected Yoga as well as a Reconnective Program for Kids. I'm also super excited to be hosting a presentation and workshop in which I'll share my near-death experience, and how Reconnective Healing has helped me to fully integrate that experience into my life. In the workshop that follows we will be creating a safe and nurturing environment in which you are invited to share your transformational experience through Reconnective Healing, perhaps, you're here because of someone else's willingness to share their story. Be that inspiration for others ignite. Hope to see you there! Ciao!