Guglielmo Poli

Guglielmo Poli

Guglielmo Poli is the Co-Director of the Reconnective Healing International Teaching Team. He is also an Associate Instructor and Mentor. He helps coordinate the Team that supports Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer around the world as they bring our training programs to every country. Guglielmo is also one of a handful of instructors authorized to lead and teach The Catalyst Program by himself and will be offering it in Italian, English and Spanish.

He is the proud President of the Reconnective Academy Italia, an association for all the Italian-speaking Reconnective Healing Practitioners in the world.

He has offered more than 200 presentations in Italy and has been instrumental in the expansion and growth of the Reconnective Healing Italian community. He has been inteviewed by European mainstream media such as “Sky TG24” and “Corriere della Sera”. He is always on the road, working to bring the gift of Reconnective Healing to the world.

Guglielmo is a Law Graduate and has a post-graduate Masters in Human Resources Management.

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