Inside Reconnective Life will be ready in a few days. We will be offering a look behind the scenes into our travel adventures (Travelogue), our personal celebrations and humorous ocassions (Hometown Life), and our inspiration (The Flow).


A Personal Relationship with the RH Frequencies

We each grow and evolve in our relationship with IT and the Reconnective Healing frequencies, and discover for ourselves (pratically on a daily basis) new nuances in the way we communicate with them, through them, and with each other in the Field. This is probably because our ability to perceive and interact with them keeps expanding and, with every expansion, something different opens up. We truly contain endless possibilities -leave the frame behind! Read more


Because. Frequen‍‍‍cies.

It is the most exhilarating thing, to be living in the RH frequencies. Yet it's also sometimes the hardest thing to explain‍‍‍ - how do you convey this inner sense of perfect freedom and expansion through words? Perhaps pictures will do a better job.


It Takes‍‍‍ a Village

We are not alone in our adventures, in putting all of this together. IRL brings together not only our friends and families, but also all whom we've met and meet around the world.

Opening ‍‍‍Our Lives

We are not your gurus. We are not your spiritual life overseers‍‍‍. If anything, all we want to share with you is our ever-developing understanding of what it means to be Human and evolving faster than ever thought possible.

This is who we are.