The Journey - How RH and TR transform the healing practitioner

The Journey - How RH and TR transform the healing practitioner and reframe the way we think about the world. (Based on my own story).

This interactive discussion explores how we transform as Reconnective Healing Practitioners. We will discuss how we learn to “Walk our Talk” and communicate to others the changes in our lives. Participants are encouraged to share what has changed in their own lives since becoming aware of the frequencies and/or becoming a practitioner. How they communicate those changes to friends and family and the challenges they have encountered along the way to becoming the new people that they are, will be explored through role playing and smaller discussion groups.


[Transcript]  Hi everyone. My name is Kelly Woodruff. I am an Associate Instructor of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection I've had the opportunity to work now with this work for about 15 years to be with Eric traveling around the world teaching seminars and bringing this work to literally thousands of people. We are so excited because we are having our Reconnection IGNITE Event in Palm Springs now this event is going to bring together our alumni from all over the world for an opportunity to meet, greet, interact, mingle with other practitioners and like-minded folks. It's going to be a wonderful wonderful event where we get to interact with those whom we may not know or people that we've met in seminars in the past and one of the most exciting things about this event is we are going to have a number of our senior practitioners talking about different aspects of their experience of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection I think it's going to be an amazing opportunity because we're going to get to hear from people who have been out there doing the work I'm going to be giving a talk this is going to be an interactive piece with you, a talk back, about the journey of the practitioner I'm sure that you realize by now that as you began to interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies and the more you do that you begin to change and sometimes we have questions or experiences about the way that we negotiate our changes with those around us, those who love us, our friends, our neighbors and so this is going to be a really interesting exciting and I think fun talk about how we sometimes need to negotiate sort of these changes and what happens. You know, I think that you've probably realized by now how profound the experience of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection is and just imagine if we can consciously integrate our conscious experience of the frequencies into our day-to-day life and acknowledge our journeys and our changes how that's going to be able to change the world so I'm really excited I'm really happy that this event's going to be happening I'm so looking forward to meeting all of you so please come join us in Palm Springs and IGNITE. Thank you