Reconnective Yoga

Reconnective Yoga

Reconnective Yoga integrates the frequencies into any type of yoga practice.

Introducing Reconnective Healing frequencies and the light and information of The Reconnection into the practice of yoga is a powerful and transformative vehicle for concentration, meditation and healing on all levels. The incorporation of the healing frequencies takes the yoga practice, literally, to a quantum level of connection with Self and the Universal Mind. The frequencies can flow in a directed way to help heal the body, while the yogi flows through their practice. Often the intelligent frequencies “turn on” without conscious intent, responding directly to the needs of the body. It is as if the intelligence of the body works with the intelligence of the universe to help heal the yogi while they are in practice.

When the yogi consciously invites the healing energy of The Reconnection into the yoga practice, they literally begin to vibrate at a frequency that helps to change the structure of the body, muscles, organs, and perhaps even DNA, and this transforms them at the cellular level and beyond. Embracing the expanded physicality of movement with these frequencies, combines the physical element with the subtly and grace of the intelligent universal energy, helping to transform the practice at the next level of alignment and connection with the universe.

What separates Reconnective Yoga from other forms of practice is its dramatically enhanced access to and use of energy, light and information. And its instructors also become healing practitioners along the way. Through those instructors, and assisted by the intelligence of the universe, our yoga studios now truly become the new healing centers of today.

The benefits of repeated Reconnective Yoga practice are a stronger connection to higher self and a deeper, healing connection with Spirit. This profound level of healing yoga practice teaches awareness beyond the basic five senses to enhance, deepen and enhance the path to healing and evolution. In class, the yogi learns to feel the frequencies of Reconnective Healing and make them an integral part of their yoga practice, as a restorative return to the perfection and originality of The Universe, to achieve true health and enlightenment.

Workshop and Open classes are for any yoga student at any level of practice, who wishes to explore Reconnective Yoga. The format would be an initial three-hour workshop, where the concepts and basic uses are introduced to students, followed by a series of classes, offered daily, utilizing the frequencies in practice.


[Transcript] Hi everybody! I'm Kelly Woodruff and this is Dante, and I'm an Associate Instructor of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. I was also one of the original Founders of Reconnective Yoga and we're really excited because we are giving our Reconnection IGNITE Event in Palm Springs and Dante and I are here to invite you to come join us for Reconnective Yoga. Reconnective Yoga is a system that we developed that actually allows for a yoga practitioner if you have a practice, or even if you don't have a practice, to begin to integrate the Reconnective Healing frequencies into your practice. So we're going to be giving classes, um, we're going to have an extended workshop where we sort of explore the concepts, and we really are going to have a lot of fun. Reconnective Yoga is a wonderful wonderful way to extend your practice to integrate the frequencies into your own daily life and to really expand what it means to be living in the frequencies. So everybody! Come on out to Palm Springs! We want to see you there and I'd love to have you join us for Reconnective Yoga. Thanks very much!