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Kathleen Shannon

  • Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner
  • Reconnection-Certified Practitioner
I am a spiritual hypnotherapist and a certified cold laser therapist. I specialize in past-life regression and spirit guide contact. I was inspired to study energy healing, so I attended two of Dr. Pearl’s workshops. I received a healing there for my frozen shoulders. I began to experiment with the suggestions in his book, on my clients. I then took level I/II training and offer Reconnective Healing. Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection by certified practitioners has positively changed my life in amazing ways. I can feel this energy in my hands and see it move as I do this work. Clients insist they can feel it, too. I took the RCP training and also offer The Reconnection. Reconnective work brings light and information to body, mind & spirit, inspiring balance and health, helping you move through life with focus and ease. Please see my website for detailed descriptions about each service. I don’t diagnose you; I am simply the catalyst for divine spirit. I perform distance healings which are just as powerful. You lay down at the same time as I perform the work in my soul spa. Sessions take 1 hour. Credit cards are accepted. Blessings of light, Reverend Kathleen Shannon
30902 Club House, Laguna Niguel 92677, California,

United States

Services offered

  • Reconnective Healing Sessions
  • The Reconnection Sessions


Healing Session Fee: $150 USD
Reconnection Session Fee : $333 USD


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