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Carla Sciaky

  • Reconnection-Certified Practitioner
  • Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner
In 1989, a health crisis and eating disorder led me to the world of alternative medicine and put me on a spiritual path. Many caring people helped me on a journey toward wellbeing. My husband and I raised two daughters, while I navigated a career as a violinist, performing songwriter, and recording artist. When I found and read Eric’s book I was deeply moved. I had a Reconnective Healing session and then The Reconnection. People noticed that I was radiant! I felt more comfortable in my body, my mind, and my relationships than ever before. My health has vastly improved. I never dreamed that I could help people heal without a medical degree or a technique! When people come to me seeking something they cannot find on their own, I am honored to have the chance to connect with them in this powerful and loving way. I feel not only a passion, but even beyond that, a responsibility to offer this gift to my fellow living beings. I love that I can share the flame of my own candle with you, and both burn brighter! We are so very fortunate that Eric Pearl and his assistants have brought us into the fold and that it is continuing to grow.
Denver 80209, Colorado,

United States

Services offered

  • The Reconnection Sessions
  • Reconnective Healing Sessions


Healing Session Fee: $120 USD
Reconnection Session Fee : $333


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