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Nathalie Johnson

  • Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner
  • Reconnection-Certified Practitioner
Nathalie Johnson is a spiritual teacher, advanced angel practitioner, Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner, Reconnection-Certified Practitioner, past life regressionist, health coach, personal trainer and feng shui design professional. Her life changed from the moment she had an angel vision and then continued to experience the angels’ pure consciousness of love through vivid recurring dreams. Being able to see across the veil of heaven and developing a profound relationship with the angels propelled her to embrace her soul calling. Her warmth and connection to the angels, combined with her passion for helping others feel at their best and find their Truth, is the cornerstone of her life’s work. “Return to who you are, to that place of oneness which resonates in your soul; the majesty of your life is waiting for you….. She is honoured to be the vessel to bring these higher frequencies to others to accelerating the spiritual growth and healing on physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels in a world of light, energy and information. She is in service to those who seek The Personal Reconnection, Reconnective Healing & Distance Healings. Allow her to help you to come into balance, unlock your full potential, become aligned for personal growth, heal from past trauma, come to peace with your true self, live a more meaningful and purposeful life and live your life to the fullest through this work.
4848 E Cactus rd # 505-493, Scottsdale 85254, Arizona,

United States

Services offered

  • Reconnective Healing Sessions
  • The Reconnection Sessions


Healing Session Fee: $150 USD
Reconnection Session Fee : $333 USD


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