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Just completed the course, finally!! Super enjoyable, really felt I learned so much and am feeling my own expansion. Thank you so much...Peace, Love & Light!

Barbara Solomon, Oregon, USA

The energy was incredible. I was on the Reconnective seminar in Ljubljana on 5th of July 2015 which lasted 1 hour and a half and after that day I do Reconnective healing every day by myself, and my partner also. I also did Reconnection and completely changed my life on so many levels. It's impossible to thank you enough. About your interaction on the 22nd of August. It was absolutely incredible. This brought Reconnection on completely another level. I and my partner felt like a net of energy - tingling - goose-pimpling all over our bodies. We intuitively raised our hands like in gratification. After that, we felt like a new wind of hope psychologically. Something changed, so deep inside us, but is difficult to explain with words. With Love and Gratitude for everything that you share with us!

Neli Cubej, Slovenia

It was great. Thank you for putting together this great program I felt like that I was present with Dr. Pearl in a room with a lot of student taking the seminar.

Rosario Quinones, Florida, USA

The Level 1 online course was very interesting and well presented. The graphics clarified many of the concepts thus I have a better understanding of the quantum physics involved, In addition, the energy generated with Eric's activities was exceptional.

Patricia Smith, Illinois, USA

The RH Online was very informative and set the student up with a good foundation regarding the scientific data supporting Reconnective Healing.

Kristine Sparks, New York, USA

Comprehensive, visionary, divine, well presented, easy to understand and practice, easy to get you ready for the next level

Adrian Mihaescu, New York, USA

Wow! I didn't expect to learn so much about so many things.

David Campopiano, Connecticut, USA

The graphics were superb and were a fantastic help in the overall experience

Jimmy Clay, Texas, USA

It’s great because you can go at your own pace, relisten, practice and repeat as often as you like. I’ve gone through several times. There’s a lot of information there to digest so it’s perfect that it’s offered online.

Karen Pedini, New York, USA

As a former Reiki Master Teacher, I became aware of the substantial difference in Reconnective Healing Energy, Light, and Information. Truly an amazing, and advanced healing process beyond anything I could ever imagine, and it makes perfect sense to me.

Joan Marie Amatuzio, North Carolina, USA

I think was an excellent product. very easy to understand. excellent quality of video and sounds. very organize content. Honestly I don't have any other online class or event I can compare with. Was great and very simple.

Sandra Tagle, Florida, USA

Thank you for teaching about Reconnective Healing and providing the opportunity for people such as myself to help raise the vibration and well-being of the planet! The Online Essentials Course was fun and informative. I feel like this is the work I've been waiting for my whole life... Like I was meant to learn this information. Thank you!

Jennifer Vanegas, Hawaii, USA

Thank You in Appreciation and Gratitude Dr. Eric and Jillian and Team, for such an Awesome Powerful 5 month Sessions with the 6 Phrases. It has brought more clarity within and without for myself and I'm sure for thousands to know their path for humanity on earth. And to understand the frequencies of your teachings are the most Unique in Our Time on Earth for it to be available for All. I love these frequencies that They cannot be put into a box. :-) Looking forward and excited for you and Jillian's new book. Rock the World, Divine Ones. Love Is All There Is.

Donna Harden, Florida, USA

The online ess. course took away any doubts. It made me fully open and confident on my talents of being able to connect to the frequencies of the 0-pointfield.I have enjoyed all the exercises and the variety of the themes and the way it was presented. I started liking Eric and Julian as we got more ´acquainted´ ! I do appreciate that you have decided to let my husband and myself watch the course together. We will be present for level 2 also together and are enjoying our playful sessions we exercise in this phase. Your style of teaching brings forward the Child in me: that is: without any worry, without hesitation, with playfulness and knowingness of my deep connection, with joy and trust I start on this new direction in my life.

Fenna Van der Vijver, Spain

As a nature scientist I have kept myself busy with the topics that are addressed in the tutorial. Some idea's and explanations are known to me, as I felt them coming up in my thought. I have experienced a few healings, also of other healing techniques, but none has kept me as to receive a training with it - except the reconnective healing.I like the clear explanations and the free possibilities of thinking.

Josepha Kempl, Netherlands

It is a great course with great deal of information on how to work with the energy. It gave many insights into the healing power of energy. I was already playing with frequencies whilst listening to the course and felt that the flow of energy in my hands has got stronger than before. Dr Eric Pearl has shared all the information and his experiences in the most honest and truthful way. It’s an incredible course. Thank you.

Poonam Karande, United Kingdom

The online course was what i was looking for in a way that it gave the information concerning Reconnective Healing and simultaneously touching all other aspects of life even in a scientific background so offering me a more complete picture of the loose ends I was pondering about. It fits me well.

Vanessa Verbeek-Haan, Netherlands

The very first time I found information, about reconnective healing, I was drawn to it. Couldn't really explain why. Somewhat later I read about the book, so I ordered it straight away. So much resonated with me, what Eric Pear wrote about his way of energy healing. In 2015 I did a Reiki 1 course, but there where several things in it, that didn't resonate. Like the protection, and washing or shaking your hands after the healing..... But foremost, all the different and, sometimes, complicated signs that come with Reiki! During a few practices, that were given in the book, I felt the first energy flowing from my hands. About a year later I found the information that the classes were held in the Netherlands this month. Couldn't let this chance pass by!=

Carla Stroijckens, Netherlands

Desde que oi en el radio sobre The Reconnection segui este camino y las sanaciones y la reconección que he tomado y dado después de certificarme me han cambiado a una persona diferente ahora soy mas consciente y saludable ya que si me empiezo a enfermar me fortalezco muy rápido, mi caracter es como mas firme y equilibrado. Mediante sanaciones reconectivas he mejorado a mi familia cercana y lejana en su salud y en su suerte y cada vez que lo hago veo mi piel rejuvenecida así que si estoy muy contenta y agradecida de haberme encontrado con Eric y las frecuencias.

Lina Avecita Hernandez Garcia, Mexico

Most treatments for sports injuries look at the presenting problem and don’t address the underlying cause. That’s where Reconnective Healing can help. It works like a download enabling the body to ‘learn’ cell regeneration. The healing is actually a by-product of the body learning how to heal itself through this encounter with the frequency. You can think of it like therapeutic ultrasound – without the machines.

Keith Mitchell, California, USA

Friday morning Aug. 2, I broke the 2nd toe on my left foot. I was in extreme pain and had a hard time walking. I felt lots of energy radiate from Dr. Pearl during his lecture. The next morning the pain was 90% gone and I could walk much better.

Noelle R. Williams, Tennessee, USA

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