The second of our newest family of events, our IGNITE retreat, is designed for you, our Catalyst Alumni. At this event, you’ll have sacred, uninterrupted time to reconnect, deepen your receivership with the RH Intelligence, enhance your fluency in this new language and fuse timelessly with your Reconnective Healing Alumni community. Be in the knowingness of your multidimensional, infinity-filled YOU.

When you attend this weekend and say YES to receiving your superpower, expanding your purpose, healing yourself, sharing your gifts and stepping up as a conscious contributor in this world, you empower yourself to become all you are.

By attending this event, you’re investing in spiritual knowledge and practical tools that increase your presence and awareness in the multiverse for lifetimes. You’re investing in your happiness, clarity, peace and prosperity. You’re creating a connected community that is a powerful force for much, much more in this world.

We have created an incredible palette of groundbreaking workshops, presentations and intimate gatherings to dive into over these three days. Come and meet the family you haven’t met yet!

We hope to see all of you there!


Ask, share, and voice any questions, experiences and concerns you may have in an open forum lead by our senior pracatitioner teaching team. This dynamic and invaluable launch to our Ignite weekend will be an opportunity for you to interact directly with these mentors, instructors and your classmates. Through your participation we will arrive fully into this weekend’s experience in a space of love.

Throughout the weekend you’ll be guided by some of our most senior Associate Instructors in our Reconnective Healing Global Teaching Team who will share with you how to lead a Reconnective Healing lifestyle in your daily life and in your practice. IGNITE also features Special Keynote Presentations by Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer.

Ignite within yourself a new and more profound mastery that will take not only your Reconnective Healing work, but indeed your entire life, to a whole new level. As you engage with the Reconnective Healing community – including not only Dr. Pearl and Jillian Fleer, but also senior teachers from around the country as well as your fellow alumni – you will come to a new place of awareness and evolution of your superpower.

There’s more to IGNITE than just great content – it’s Palm Springs for “frequencies’ sake!” Soak up the magical Desert Energy. Recharge and enjoy the spectacular resort pools during free time. Most of all... Fuse timelessly with your amazing Reconnective Healing Alumni community. These relationships will change the world!

IGNITE 2019 offers workshops and presentations for those of us who aspire to Live in the Frequencies more actively in our daily lives and those of us radically seeking to raise the roof in our RH practice! Whether you choose to focus on building your RH practice or integrate a deeper receivership with the frequencies, IGNITE has something for everyone.

Explore the intersection between the ancient science of Yoga and the new art of Reconnective Healing. Beginners are welcome and so are those with physical challenges. In our daily morning yoga classes, see how these two distinct practices merge into one quantum experience. Let your current yoga practice go to the next level or allow yourself to explore for the very first time how unlimited you really are. We will also have an opportunity to discuss the history and concepts common to both in our extended interactive Reconnective Yoga Workshop.

As we continue to build our Ignite community, get to know your new friends by sharing a deep RH Frequency-based meditation. As you soak up the beautiful Energy of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, get in touch with your infinite essence. Learn how Living in the Frequencies in your daily life moves you to new levels of manifestation where we are no longer at the level of our mind’s manifestation.

As we hike into the beautiful Palm Springs mountains, experience the bliss of integrating into the oneness of nature with the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. Everything begins to appear new.

Animals are just as responsive as humans to Reconnective Healing and interacting with the RH frequencies. In this workshop, we will work directly with animals! You will practice a variety of impactful exercises and beneficial awareness tools that you can apply using RH with animals personally or as a Practitioner. Our animals are often our most trusted friends and RH can benefit both them as well as their loving owners.

Our children are our greatest treasure. We owe it to them and to ourselves to bring them the incredible evolutionary growth that Reconnective Healing offers us. Our workshop will explore ways to communicate and guide children to begin to learn to use RH for themselves, their friends and their families. Witness and be inspired by the ease and wonder that children express as they integrate this healing approach into their life.

This mini-intensive will explore ways to take your existing practice to the next level and provide tips for those of you who are just starting out. If you’ve been wondering “what next” to get your practice going – this is the place for you. We will discuss marketing tips, engaging future clients, as well as interacting with your clients to give them a top-of-the-line professional experience. We’ll address your questions and discuss anything that you’ve observed in your practice to date.

Hear – for the very first time – some of the new information that has been coming through and will be included in Eric & Jillian’s upcoming book. A revealing discussion about the most current concepts that they’ve been developing to communicate the language of RH. You will come away with a deeper understanding of the Reconnective Healing Intelligence and your relationship to and with IT.

Review the Lines, Points and other aspects of the Personal Reconnection with our Senior Teaching team. The perfect practice if you are preparing to take the Credentialing Examination to be Certified, or if you just want to check in and explore the subtleties and nuances of The Reconnection®.

Day 1 - Friday
Arrive, Relax, Refresh

Welcome to your Winter Desert Oasis! Arrive and unwind. Revitalize and re-energize as you begin this quantum-change-filled 3-day experience with your alumni community beside you on this journey.

Day 2 - Saturday
Deepen, Discover, Commune

This is the day of experiences. Choose your path: heighten your awareness of the frequencies by communing in the desert or focus on building your practice to a new level. Hear, for the first time, from Cipora - "The Jewish Gypsy of Venice Beach" - and interact with Fred Ponzlov - the Channel for "Solomon". Celebrate the day at the poolside social mixer Saturday night.

Day 3 - Sunday
Power, Purpose, Progress

Continue the rush of receiving, vibrating and stepping forward into MORE. Preview some of the concepts and new information that has been coming through, which will be included in Eric and Jillian’s latest book. Swing the doorway wide open to infinite freedom and Life Progress!

New dates for 2020 coming soon